The Customs of Rikmun Lim: Porsche, Audi, Koenigsegg, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and more…

We are happy to get a visit from one of Lamley’s very early custom contributors, Rikmun Lim.  Rikmun has always been one of our favorites, based on his ideas, patience, and execution.  He decided to replicate a car in small scale, and does not stop until he is happy with the result.

So occasionally we reach out to the very busy Rikmun to see what he has come up with lately.  It looks like there has been a little bit of time in between his studies to work on some item, and the results, as usual, are spectacular.  

You can enjoy our previous Rikmun Custom features after reading this one.  His own words are below:


(Thanks Rikmun.)

These are the customs I’ve made recently.  Some pics may feature some old customs of mine.
Three Rauh Welt Begriff Porsche 911 993 based on Hotwheels’ Porsche 911 GT2.  Widen rear fender, reshape front and rear bumper.  Added front lip,side skirts and rear spoiler.

Then there is the Audi R8 GT custom based on Tomica’s Audi R8 V10.  Changed rear exhausts, reshaped rear bumper, added front canard and rear spoiler.  Tweeked the shape of the wheels abit.
Porsche 911 991 GT3 based on Tomica’s Porsche 911 Carrera.
Reshaped front, rear bumper and side skirt.  Added GT3 spoiler and front lip.
Then there is this old custom of mine not quite sure if it has been featured before, the Gemballa Mirage GT based on the Hotwheels Porsche Carrera GT.  Completely reshaped almost the whole body, front,rear, hood,skirts, diffusers and added spoiler.

The two latest Hotwheels’ Lamborghinis.  The Sesto Elemento and Veneno.  Added side mirrors on the Sesto and repaint it and give it some detailed rims based on the real car using Hotwheels’s FTE wheels.  For the Veneno, I decided to make a Roadster version, and re build the rear spoiler as the original one is too thick for me.

One of Hotwheels’ most anticipating casting this year, the Koenigsegg!
The first unit I got behold of, immediately I custom it into the Koenigsegg One:1.
Added canards on the front, remake the One:1 spoiler.  Resize the rear wheel arch(THIS IS A MUST!) and reshape the rear.

Then my four repainted and detailed LaFerraris.
Silver, White and Turquoise.  Added side mirrors and carbonfibre roof.  Thats all.

Next is the pair of Dubai Police cars.The Aventador and Aventador J.Chopped the original J spoiler and remake one.
Both detailed and in the same livery.

Next is the Japanese.  A little detailed Fast and Furious Supra with a scratchbuilt flat bed at the back with a widebody EssoUltraFlo Super GT Supra on top.
Widen the front and rear fender,chopped the rear bumper and spoiler and replicate another wilder one.  Added front and side skirts.

Lastly is another two Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Black Series join my red one.
Thats how much I love my Black Series!

And here’s a pic of a few of my Lamborghini customs gathers together.

Thats all so far.  Will try to make more customs in the future!


4 Replies to “The Customs of Rikmun Lim: Porsche, Audi, Koenigsegg, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and more…”

  1. Dope… very impressive work here!

    Anyways, the custom from your spectacular work I mostly like is your Lambo Sesto Elemento, shown beside with the new Lambo Veneno roadster. That's all correct. That's why I've chosen that as my favorite artwork by, behold, Rikmun Lim!

    What else is here as if these are NOT garbage and they're awfully amazing artwork. Ahem. Okay, I'll continue. Uh, anyways, that Merc SLS is also great, as if it is a custom of Tomica into Hot Wheels style hehe. Then we have the LaFerrari, I especially like the red, for the name of Ferrari like heaven's blood. The teal, looks like a creative thing to do but supposing it is a bright color to do creative stuff. The white, something as special as an angel, then there's the silver, for destinies. Those colors are perfect for some simple artwork a man could do.

    The Fast & Furious Supra- oh, thanks for reminding me. The death of Paul Walker. That's the way. But that's still a reminder. Anyways, the Supra looks mighty awesome.

    The Audi is good work too. The blue paint, just WOW. This work, is piece of artwork. That's how it should be. Good artwork.

    Those 2 Porsches, very nice. Seems to me that the Carrera GT has retuned, eh? Well, well, well, that's prrretty impressive work!

    Oh, darn it. There's the Koenigsegg that turned into a Noble M600. Or is it still a Koenigsegg. Or is the Koegnigsegg playing around. Fooling to be playing dress-up? Oh, well, that could be a dressed one I guess. But that's another creative section to that. Very nice.

    Oh, there's the last thing. That's the Lambo Aventador and Aventador J. Possibly I didn't expect that kind of artwork on the 2 Aventadors, but surely I can't stand enough to try to be brave at this. But that's still great work.

    Okay, John. You're up for the customs. Cheers!!! : )

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