The Great RLC Backorder Fiasco of 2013/2014: What happened??

Yesterday this post went up on HWC from HWC Anita:

Hi everyone –  

We know you are patiently waiting for updates about your backordered cars. Here is the latest information regarding expected shipment dates. 

Y0450 – Long Gone sELECTIONs – 6/28/14

Y0445 – S12 Buick Grand National – 7/30/14

Y0449 – 69 Mustang sELECTIONs – 7/30/2014

Y0453 – S12 Blown Delivery – 8/08/2014

Y0454 – Gulf Racing VW Drag Bus – 8/18/2014 

BLR12 – S13 Drag Dairy Chrome – 10/17/2014

BLR13 – S13 Drag Dairy Red – 10/17/2014

BLR14 – S13 Drag Dairy Blue – 10/17/2014

BLR15 – S13 Drag Dairy Purple – 10/17/2014

BLR10 – Beatnik Bandit – 11/14/2014

Mattel sincerely apologizes for the delays you’ve experienced in receiving orders from the Hot Wheels Collector site and we appreciate your understanding and patience throughout this process.

The topic was closed, not allowing for replies.  But to Mattel’s credit they have allowed for other threads to start and remain open.  You can imagine there have a been a few harsh words from collectors regarding the situation.

Those are some pretty lengthy delays, considering most of those models were purchased in mid to late 2013.  We agree that this is very frustrating, but more than that we just want to know what has happened.  There have been some very curious events in the last few months, leaving many of us baffled.  We see no need to speculate, as corporations have every right to adjust how they do things (to a certain extent), but being left in the dark on some of it has been a little odd.

So why all the designers went silent, we don’t know.  Why HWC Chris was let go, we don’t know.  Nor do we really need to know.  But why some RLC models are being delayed 6 months to a year?  It would be a good thing to at least hear something from someone.  Especially since these models are part of a membership that collectors pay to be a part of.  We are at the mercy of retail, but membership models directly from Mattel is another thing entirely.

It could be something as drab as a manufacturing issue, which we would be fine with us if it ensured good quality on each of these expensive models.  That is our guess.  But silence leads to speculation, and I know quite a few people who wonder if all these backorders mean the end of the RLC is near.

We don’t see how that would happen, and we sure hope it doesn’t.  There are some great models on the RLC docket for 2014, including the Gulf ’67 Camaro, hot pink ’55 Gasser, ’83 Silverado 4×4, and Shelby Toyota 2000GT.  Wouldn’t it be ironic, that as soon as the RLC started catering to a wider variety of collectors, it shuts down?  Seems like we have seen that pattern before.

So count us as those who think this is just a glitch, and the show will go on.  But we say that cautiously.  Mattel has not put its best foot forward in this situation, and we hope that might change.

We welcome your thoughts.  What do you think about this great backorder fiasco?  We will let you say what you want.  Go ahead and let it out…

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  1. I really think paying memvers deserve an explanation, or some clear updates, not just updates and backorders with no explanation, it makes everyone furious of the delay dates over and over on the same car. Yes I am patient as I really dont think we will get these cars anywhere else. But enough is enough !

    Some say the car is free for your paying membership, I agree, but how many people would pay the membership fee if you didnt get a free car, just access to the redline private forums and the privilege to buy limited edition cars every week, which has not happened. Some of us paid more for a CHROME membership. Well thats my 2 cents. I hope it gets back to enjoying the club. BLVDACE !

  2. Ja, that should be annoing…but imagine that in Mexico, or other countrys that surely have collectors under the rocks….the prices of retailing will go sky high….even more that they are….
    Did Mattel realize that there is other brands out there? And they doing the stuff right like M2, AW, even Maisto….

  3. Can't believe this is still going… it's yet another reason why I kinda left HWC and Hot Wheels collecting as a whole. Much rather have a well made, realistic model than a Hot Wheels for the price these go for. As for Mattel's situation, here in Brazil at least, it pretty much peaked in 2008 and 2009, with an official collector's club and local releases of collector oriented lines, but thanks to abusive prices, poor distribution and ridiculous overstocking, most of that stuff was done with by 2010. Now, all we have are old mainline cases and price increases.

  4. Yup instead of spending money on HW I find myself buying Kyosho, Minichamps and Spark models more and more. More expensive but I dont have to worry if I will ever get a car I ordered. Sad to be almost halfway through the year and not a single car has been offered for sale from RLC. I hope this is resolved and they stay around, but if they fade away there are plenty of other options I feel comfortable with. Just wont have as much trade bait….

  5. I kinda' lean towards the fact that nothing is free, especially in this day and age. If the car is not included in the price of the membership, then what are the dues paying for exactly?(I'm not ?'ing you BLVD ACE, i'm questioning the process).
    I thought i'd be receiving my purple Drag Dairy, at the most, this May as promised. But another delay again, but still.. no reason behind the delay.
    I feel for those who purchased vehicles from last year; those who payed dearly. I feel bad for those people. Yes.. silence leads to speculation and if there is no explanation, it can affect the loyalty from supporters.
    But why?

  6. All I wanted is the Toyota 2000GT. I hope they still go tru with it. Thats why I only join RLC. I dont want to pay ebay prices. I didnt know it have so much drama. Plus I only collect JDM mostly. crossing my fingers big time..

  7. This is exactly why I joined as well this year.. since I missed out on the 510s. I really wanted the 2000GT because it looked so promising. I'm going to be heartwrenched if it never comes to fruition.

    It is really frustrating though, that Mattel hasn't actually explained to us anything that's going on. We need transparency when this sort of thing occurs and people actually put money into the pot.

  8. Then buy Japanese products. Tomica makes better toy cars, and most of the “JDM” cars they have made Tomica has done earlier and better. Anyone who buys the RLC Shelby 2000GT is a tool, Tomica did it in the Limited line with prototypical wheels and you can get it for much less.

  9. I dropped my RLC membership after just one year. The sales they have are always a joke. They will limit a model to 3000 copies, and then open the sale at 9am on a tuesday. Which means that the vast majority of us who work never even have a chance. The whole way they go about selling these “special” models is ridiculous.

  10. I buy Japanese products as well. Quite a few, that is why you see them on Lamley. But calling those that want the RLC Toyota a “tool” is a little strange to me. Are the folks at JDM Legends and JNC tools, because they all want one?

  11. HWC and its members are horrid people. I have seen nothing on that site that would ever make me want to ever again be apart of it. Mattel is a joke. RLC membership is a ripoff. As others have pointed out, 99% of the time you cant get the car you want becuase some 70 yr old douchebag had to buy as many as possible for reselling on ebay and swap meats. Dont even get me started on the immaturity of the community. Down right vile people. Nothing but old creepy men, mostly senior citizens, right wing douchebags. I laugh when I check in to get info on releases and I see how the members treat each other, its the same as how mattel treats its customers, like crap. burn let it burn, that site is a disservice to everyone.

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