Cool is Cool is Cool: 2008 Hot Wheels Custom ’62 Chevy Pickup in black…

Maybe it is time to rename our “Cool is Cool is Cool” series “Pickups are Cool are Cool”.  We can’t get enough of them.

You start with one model, wonder why you don’t have another, then you wonder why you skipped another, which leads to remembering another.  Pretty soon your collection is full of classic Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Datsun, Studebaker, and Toyota pickups.

We have shown most of those, but one model that has not gotten its proper due is the Custom ’62 Chevy.  Lowered trucks can be a bit polarizing for some, but here at Lamley we love them.  We have said it before.  Trucks like the ’62, Jun Imai’s ’83 Silverado, and Ryu Asada’s C10 not only pay homage to the pickups we grew up with, but also give a nod to a specific car culture.

Yeah, the ’62 as done by Hot Wheels would probably not make a great farm vehicle, but it doesn’t matter.  Older trucks are so distinctive, especially one to another, that you know what you are looking at by just one glance.  That is not true today at all.  They are all pretty much the same.  But the ’62 looks like nothing else, so it can be lowered and it still is a ’62.  Does that make sense?  So it then behooves Hot Wheels to add its own modern touch.  Of course, our friends at Matchbox could then make their ’62 and give it the stock treatment.  (Well, Matchbox from a few years ago would.  But we are hearing rumblings that those days might be returning in small batches.)

Nonetheless, the ’62 Chevy has been a staple in many Hot Wheels lines for awhile.  It has been a Super TH, a premium model, and a 10-pack exclusive.  (What we haven’t seen is an RLC ’62, but those days are bound to come.)  Of all the versions released, however, one trumps them all.  By a mile.

It is not that we don’t like the others.  Many are very nice, and we have a few in the collection.  It is just that the 2008 New Models edition in black with black wheels is off-the-charts fantastic.  I don’t think we have to explain why.  The pictures are all you need.  It is a no-brainer for the Lamley collection, and has its place on the Lamley wall display, right next to the ’83 Silverado and Chevy C10.  It might trump all of those as well…

(Find the Custom ’62 Chevy on ebay…)

Hot Wheels Custom ’62 Chevy (2008 New Models):

6 Replies to “Cool is Cool is Cool: 2008 Hot Wheels Custom ’62 Chevy Pickup in black…”

  1. This is my favorite HW casting of all time! And the '83 Silverado comes in a close 2nd or 3rd. Thank you for giving it a CisCisC status in your book as well. I've yet to understand why this one hasn't received the RLC release yet, it is truely long overdue!

  2. This one is easily my favorite release of the casting. I even like the OH5 wheels here, where I normally absolutely HATE those wheels.

    This one would have looked sweet with a set of Hot Ones for the Hot Ones or Flying Customs series. Oh well…


  3. Best version of this cast for sure. One of those when you saw it you couldn't help hoard. Wish they would do this same color combo on other models.

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