Uh-oh! Is Hot Wheels killing off the Cool Classics line, leaving the Datsun 510, Subaru BRAT, and Honda S2000 in limbo?

If this is true, it is not a good development.

Today Mattel posted an article on HWC that highlights what they say are the remaining models in the 2014 Cool Classics line.  They state that they have the complete list of expected castings for 2014, divided up into four mixes.  Three of the mixes have already been released, leaving this final batch:

Mix 4
• ’65 Ford Galaxie
• Astro Funk
• ’84 Ford Mustang
• Volkswagen Drag Beetle
• 1955 Corvette

Yes, those are some nice models.  But if this is the complete list of 2014 Cool Classics, that means two batches slated for a 2014 release have been cut:

Mix 5
• ’70 Mustang Boss 302
• 1984 Hurst Olds
• Honda S2000
• Ford GT
• ’65 Volkswagen Fastback

Mix 6
• Datsun 240Z
• Datsun Bluebird 510
• 1976 Chevy Chevette
• Subaru Brat
• ’10 Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake

Looking at those last two batches, there is not a weak model in the bunch.  There are many that we at Lamley and many of you readers are really looking forward to.  Mattel previewed many of the Mix 5 and Mix 6 models at the Nationals Convention a few weeks ago, but are not listing them as part of the official list on HWC.  So what happened?
  1. Maybe it is a mistake.  Someone just forgot to add the last two batches in the article.  Let’s hope.
  2. Maybe those last two batches will actually be the first two batches of 2015.
Both of those options are fine with us, but not seeing those last two batches leaves us worried that the Cool Classics is sharing the same fate of so many other premium Hot Wheels lines.  

Cool Classics unfortunately are clogging the pegs, just like 2012 Boulevard, Hot Ones, and Flying Customs did before them.  The big-box stores could now be saying no to stocking them moving forward, leaning to the cancelation of the final batches.  

That happens, and we collectors have to be prepared to see that happen to the lines we like.  But ONCE AGAIN Hot Wheels has left the most desirable models for the final batches, and it looks like they may never see the light of day.

Think about all the people that missed out on the Boulevard 510 Wagon and Porsche 993, the many still looking for the Flying Customs Nissan Skyline and Texas Drive ‘Em, those that never found the Racing Greenwood Corvette and BMW M3, and finally, the sad fact that the final batch of Racing, which was never produced, included a Toyota 2000GT in Shelby livery, a Tokyo Auto Show Kenmeri Skyline, and a racing Datsun 510.  Those are a lot of highly desirable models that were either not made or dumped in certain discount stores.  

So is it happening again?  We sure hope not, and will happily accept that this is just an oversight by the person in charge of the article.  But if it is true, enjoy the pics below.  It is the only way you might ever see these models:

Our feelers are out on this bit of news, so if we hear anything otherwise, we will pass it along…

17 Replies to “Uh-oh! Is Hot Wheels killing off the Cool Classics line, leaving the Datsun 510, Subaru BRAT, and Honda S2000 in limbo?”

  1. Well maybe if Mattel would actually put some good casting choices in the first few batches instead of overdone or downright ridiculous castings that nobody wants so they don't wind up clogging the pegs, this wouldn't happen. I can understand them screwing up like this once but they've done it with Boulevard, the racing series, Flying Customs, and The Hot Ones. You think they would've learned by now and it's just inexcusable.

  2. If this is true, that's a bummer. But hey, whatever, Mattel. I'll just take the money that would have been spent on most of these releases and buy some AutoWorld, Greenlight, and M2 stuff.

  3. Oh why oh why does this always happen?! That includes the problem to mostly Matchbox's trouble too…

  4. I don't understand why people continue to support Mattel. Their business practices will never change. Hit them where it hurts.

  5. Maybe if Matty's price point on the Cool Classics line was a bit more realistic we wouldn't see them clogging the pegs. Oh yeah, and Matty can take that Amphicar casting and shove it……somewhere.

  6. The Cool Classics are way too expensive, especially considering they have plastic wheels instead of Real Riders.

    This stinks, as the BRAT was the only one I am interested in.

  7. The thing that gets me is that FEPs of 8 of those final 10 were sneaked. The Hurst Olds and Ford GT were sneaked by HWC Van right before he was forced to stay quiet, and the above 3 along with the '10 Super Snake and '76 Chevette were APPROVED BY MATTEL LEGAL to be shown in the finale at the Nationals. So only the 240Z and '70 Boss 302 haven't been seen.

    I really hope the article was a mistake…


  8. On top of that, the line hasn't been clogging pegs here. Walmart and Target sell them pretty quickly locally.


  9. This would truly suck, as there were a lot of nice models coming. Same here Doomus, not really clogging the pegs as other lines have, but once again, distribution on these was pretty awful. I was collecting all of this line too…


  10. Nooooo…. I've only bought the 65 Chrysler Turbine, the blue Firebird, and heavily resisted buying the Tacoma, & the tired Camaro Concept casting.

    Though I intend(ed) to buy 4-5 of the 10 castings in the last 2 batches! The BRAT, 510, 240Z, and VW are at the top of my list.

    Fingers crossed something works out; that or we'll be digging through the depths of 'Tuesday Morning' again if we're lucky!

  11. I get so dam sick of this…everytime they create a line I really want to collect, they kill it and I have an incomplete series

  12. this line was a real clunker… already clogging the clearance pegs and even the clearance prices are to high. The colors were too unrealistic. the models seemed like good choices but the colors and price were awful!

  13. Part of the problem I think they aren't selling much is because they don't put out new ones. Since the debut of this line I've only seen about ten different models. I go into my Walmart and they have three pegs full of the same four cars, well of course they're not going to sell fast when they put the same cars out over and over. Yes I think the price is a little high, they cost the same or more than a boulevard(depending on store) They could sell them for same price like the Road Trippen series.

  14. I know, right? It is just like Matchbox, the same they do. I heard on a Matchbox ambassador report that they moved wouldn't do the Land Rover LR4. Or, I think they would move it to late 2015. Too long!!!

  15. Figure with Mattel needing to tool up and produce going into the Holiday season. They might have a new line launching and these tools on hand. Some of the Walmarts by me got the first mix…in April right before Easter…ugh. Poor distribution and 3 different price levels (at Target, Walmart & Toys R Us) dooms this to fail….yet again

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