From the Lamley Sale @ Wheel Collectors: Hot Wheels Off-Road Racing Sandblaster & Custom Ford Bronco…

As you hopefully know, the Lamley Group has teamed up with our friends at Wheel Collectors to help them thin out their Hot Wheels Real Riders inventory.  Right now they are offering 33 “Lamley Deals”, all Hot Wheels Real Riders models, and all at the cheapest price you can find anywhere.  We bought a few and decided to showcase them in case you are on the fence about purchasing.  If you decide to purchase some, follow the link below:

Wheel Collectors Lamley Deals

I still have no idea why the Sandblaster is called the Sandblaster and not the Ford Raptor.  It isn’t like the Sandblaster is a non-licensed model that resembles a Raptor.  It actually has the word “Ford” molded into the front grill just like the real Raptor.

And I wish I would have noticed that awhile ago when many of best-looking Sandblasters were on the pegs, including this hard-to-find Off-Road Racing version.  Thankfully Wheel Collectors added it to their Lamley Sale and I was able to get one to show off.

And with it came the Custom Ford Bronco.  I am not as fond of this casting as others, but it seemed prudent that if I were to have any version, the premium Off-Road version would suffice.

So here are our pics, to help those of you who still are thinking about picking them up.  In the case of these two, I would…

(Find both at the Lamley Sale at Wheel Collectors…)

Hot Wheels Sandblaster & Custom Ford Bronco (2012 Off-Road Racing):

2 Replies to “From the Lamley Sale @ Wheel Collectors: Hot Wheels Off-Road Racing Sandblaster & Custom Ford Bronco…”

  1. That Sandblaster is easily the best release of the casting thus far – that's right, it tops the Super. A better color presentation and a metal base seal the deal.

    I haven't been that big on the Custom Bronco, either – the '67 Bronco and Matchbox's '72 easily top it – but HW did a great job with this release. Excellent racing decos. Definitely the release to get if you only wish to have one example.

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