Lamley Case Report: Opening the Hot Wheels 2014 K Case (plus a special offer on K cases for Lamley readers)…

This is something new for our readers at Lamley, and we would surely appreciate your feedback.

Thanks to our friends at Grana Toys, we were able to acquire and open a sealed K case, and as we did, we took photographs of everything we pulled.  Many of you have asked us to do case reports, but instead of filming videos, we thought we would do it the Lamley way and take photos.

Before we get to it, we want to let you know that Grana Toys is taking pre-orders for the US K Case, at both their ebay store and their website.  Follow these links:

Grana Toys eBay K Case pre-order K Case pre-order

And, as a special offer to Lamley readers, if you order from the website and enter the coupon code “Lamley” at checkout, you get a special discount.  They will also discount the more cases you buy.  Don’t let it pass.

So, here is our unabridged photo essay of what we pulled, three by three by three.

Let’s start with the case:


And now for the first 36:

(New Model Alert – Rig Storm)

(Snoopy Returns)

(COPO Recolor)

(Vega wheel variation)

(Treasure Hunt Alert)

One half down, one to go:

And now for the next 36:

(New Model Alert – Let’s Go)

(Most Lamley-esque trio of the case)

(New Model Alert – Project Speeder)

And there you have it.  Lamley’s 72-count case.  A few details:

– No Super.  The ’83 Silverado is the Batch K Super, but it didn’t show here.  Thankfully we just got ours from another Lamley friend, so prepare for a First Look soon (we will be setting her free).

– Of the models new to the K case that interested us the most – Porsche 993, Skyline 2000GT-X, Mercury Cougar, Gran Torino Sport, Chevy Silverado – only the Torino came more than one per case.  Kind of a bummer to see the others so limited:

Alas, one is all we need for First Looks, so look for those soon.  We assume these will all be in bigger numbers in the M case.

– Happy to see the teal Civic and red Datsun 620 in the K cases, but that is expected.  Recolors tend to run at least two batches.  Surprisingly, Snoopy also makes an appearance.  We do wonder if we will see Snoopy in several batches, like we did the Angry Birds cars a couple of years ago.  We don’t know if The Homer will make a return appearance as well.

– The regular Treasure Hunt is the Ford Fiesta.  The first time from what we remember we have seen a model used as a Regular Treasure Hunt two years in a row.  (It has happened with Supers at least three times.)

If you have any questions about this case, let us know in the comments section.  We will be doing First Looks on many of these, but if you have a specific request, let us know.

In the meantime, get your K Case pre-ordered at Grana and let us know what you get, especially if you are lucky enough to pull that fantastic Super…

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  1. Awesome! Congrats on getting the full case! As for the first looks, please do the 993 GT2 Evo and the Skyline 2000GT-X, first as those are the best two of this case! Take you time of course, but know that we're waiting for them!

    – Black Wind

  2. I really like the way this was done,didn't
    have to sit through 20 min. of comments.
    Scroll back as needed,Do this when ever you get a case

  3. Damon, the vehicle labeled “Ice Cream Truck” came in the US cases….”Sweet Treats” came in the Worldwide cases. 🙂 The Kroger you found it at must have received their US J cases and pegged them!

  4. I went hunting one day at a Walmart(this was during the F and G case release) and it happened to be restocking day. A flatbed with 20+ of these boxes was next to the Hot Wheels section. Super excited and stoked because I thought I was gonna get a Super for sure. The worker kindly let me help her open and stock the cars on the pegs, and after the pegs were full we put them in a dump bin nearby. Hundreds of cars. I looked at every single one…it took forever, and there were no Supers whatsoever. I was extremely let down. 20+ fresh boxes, and not a single one had a Super. It ticked me off, honestly. But I gave the worker my thanks and appreciation, and vice versa. I did spend 2 hours helping her, after all. It just goes to show that buying one of these boxes for $70 or so may not be the wisest decision. You got a case and ended up with only 1 992 and Skyline. What are you going to do with the other 50+ cars?….I just started collecting a year ago or so but it seems that the collectors have been booming in my town recently. Every Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, Dollar General, quite bare. I get lucky sometimes when I stumble upon fresh inventory but even then I only get mainline. The Supers prove so elusive. I've found only 4, and none have been at Walmart. One at Target(Sandblaster), 2 at Toys R Us(extremely lucky, this year's Mustang Mach AND Ferrari 599XX from 2012, I was going nuts), and 1 at Big Lots(Toyota 2000GT) Frustrating to drive all over town all day and end up empty handed 95% of the time. Alas, the plight of the collector.
    A good blog post, but I really don't recommend buying bulk cases. The investment is too much for too little return. Just hunt and pray.

  5. *993 and Skyline my mistake.

    I am a young collector but very much into the game. I just don't believe in buying online if I can find it out in the wild. The only ones I buy online are ones from the past, not carried in stores anymore. In addition to the stores I mentioned above, I have set foot into every Kroger, HEB, Randall's and Fiesta I run into. I forgot to mention Fiesta…In December 2013 I found a Super Dodge Demon at a random Hot Wheels display next to their bakery. They have since stopped selling Hot Wheels because I don't see them anymore.

  6. Did anyone notice about the red COPO Camaro? On the bottom of the card, it says ” '13 COPO Camaro” when the first color of the Camaro says ” '14 COPO Camaro”. Weird…

    Anyways, in my box I found variations:

    – I got a white Porsche 993 GT2 with golden MC5's instead
    – I got a Nissan Hakosuka with chorme-lipped MC5's
    – A Hyundai Genesis Coupe with white PR5's

    and lastly,

    – I've gotten a yellow '83 Silverado with 5sp

    And that's it!

  7. Agreed, it is a great idea. Cool perspective on the case. I hope this is possible for all future cases, as it is quite helpful.

  8. Nice to see a mainline release of the Jeep Scrambler with respectable tampos. Outside of the Hot Ones and Racing Kits releases, HW had a really bad habit of putting goofy tampos on it that were really out of place.

  9. I appreciate the comments. Buying a case isn't for everyone, but it is a nice option for a lot of collectors. We are very happy to have the extras, as Lamley Charities is going strong and many of these are donated to kids in local hospitals. Nothing beats finding the model you want in the wild, but for many getting a case is the way to go. We are happy to promote those that sell them, as well as those that sell singles…

  10. Must wait for so long
    since in my country we have case E 🙁
    Porsche looks great in white color.
    Not really like Skyline with same theme color with skyline GTR series

  11. The Skyline Hakosuka is in the 2014 Then and now series. Did you knew that yet? The “Then” is the Nissan Hakosuka, and the “Now” is the Skyline GTR R34 model from the D case.

    I do feel a little sorry you still have the E case. : ( Here in my country, Canada Ontario, we've reached G cases (we're a little behind the U.S) while the U.S has the K case coming to them. : )

  12. A noob question: Is it possible to find a super and a regular treasure hunt in the same case/box? If yes, has this happened to anyone here yet?

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