As is the Custom: Our faves for the week ending April 26, 2014…

We have a busy week full of posts, so let’s start the week with everyone’s favorite feature.

Remember, if you are interested in submitting your work, we prefer emailed pics to, but you can also post them to our Facebook page, or on Instagram with the hashtag #lamleycustoms.


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Dwi Penthol

LX Custom


Manuel Castillo

Pryor Selektah

Joel Presto

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10 Replies to “As is the Custom: Our faves for the week ending April 26, 2014…”

  1. meh sorry, but those P-911s are a joke, right?
    original design in played with condition and nothing done except wheelswap?
    or did I miss something?

  2. The first three.. Fiat 500, Chevelle wagon and Chevy P/U are really clean and creative. There are many examples i'd like to mention, but lots of awesome work.
    I'm jealous as usual. One day i'll have to do something and submit it, even if it's a simple wheel swap on an old, played with “factory” casting!

  3. Not all the customs didn't see what was coming, I didn't expect to see these. But the customs are always great, but this is good.

    Anyways, there are only 4 stuff I liked here: great custom number 1: That, just that is a fantastic creation. And I was imagining what it would be like if Hot Wheels would make something like that instead of just an ordinary Fiat 500. I like it, A LOT, I just have to say. It is amazing, absolutely stunning little car, LX Custom's Fiat Arbarth 500 E.S!

    Whoa! What did I just mention? IT WAS SUCH AN AMAZING, ABSOLUTELY STUNNING LITTLE CAR!!! So, I'm actually right. It is a wonderful one, it's just a 2 year old little kid baby who isa sports fan, and I can't believe it's just one thing I expected from these customs. Great artwork, LX Custom!

    Another surprise to see, great custom 2: It is stunning to see surprisingly, this artwork is almost talented as LX Custom's Arbarth, and it is also a WOW, that is he's back to me, @french_custom _hw – Instagram's Nissan Skyline and his SRT Viper look really with beauty, they look close to me, they are absolutely STUNNING! The Viper is my pick to the Skyline most of all. Look at this! Really cool!

    Great custom 3: I'm not really a fan of old used city cars, SUV's, or old used pickups from 1994-2005 in that case, but this is not a joke. I actually like SOME of 'em, such as the 2004 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning, 2003 Hyundai Tiburon, 2004 Subaru WRX STI Impreza, 2003 BMW 528i, and some of those thangs, but luckily the Honda CR-V isn't one of them, but a custom from someone, and it's captured perfectly in teal color, Joel Presto's Honda CR-V with opening doors! Nice job, Presto!

    4th the lastly, great custom 4: the last activity in this latest custom site of this blog “the Lamley Group”, and while I'm not again a fan of city cars driven in the city, worker trucks (I forgot to mention) like this, @lil305garage – Instagram's Ford F-550 Super Duty electricity wire fixing trucks looks like “no brainer” musses, but I'd say they look fantastic. Very good wise work, Lil!

    So that's all it, but I have to be grateful from the nice words. Cheers!

  4. We all have our likes and dislikes. I have said since the beginning that sometimes the best customs are the simplest. This Porsche is genius in its concept, even if the execution was simple. I look at it as a tribute to folks like Magnus Walker, whose appreciation for the classic Porsche is contagious. He takes an old Porsche and makes it loved again, and that is what this customizer did with a discarded Hot Wheels that easily links to one of the hottest car scenes right now. It was an easy choice to put in here, and one of Lamley's favorites this year.

  5. Just giving them a new lease on life! There's only so many new cars you can swap so I went for the old ones. Sorry its not your thing but obviously they liked it enough to ask for it 😛

  6. Those 911's become even more personified when you know that the same kid inside is still playing with them 20-some years later after they were ripped from the card.
    Love the nostalgia and underlying stories just a simple picture like that can carry.

  7. Thanks for the support guys! I only build what I like but glad to see more people like it too! Everyone has their opinions but for me its a wheelswapped piece of my childhood saved from the $0.25 bin at a garage sale. Thanks again everyone!

  8. yeah it's okay, no offense meant…but I saw all those crazy paint jobs and custom builds during the last weeks here and the hard work on that stuff and then I saw those P-911s…I don't dislike them, but I didn't get it…

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