First Look: Matchbox Boone County Sheriff Dodge Charger Pursuit…

This is a treat for us.  We are getting a nice early look at a fantastic upcoming Matchbox.

Within the next two months, Matchbox will release the 2014 basic line version of the Dodge Charger Pursuit, which debuted last year.  Many collectors have lamented the lack of real licensed liveries on Matchbox emergency vehicles, we at Lamley included, but there has been one happy exception.

Mattel has a very healthy relationship with the Boone County, Missouri Sheriff Department, thanks to Captain Keith Hoskins, who has been with the Sheriff’s Department since starting as deputy in 1986.  He also happens to be an avid Matchbox and diecast collector (surprise!).  The Charger marks the third model in a Boone County livery we have seen, following a Ford Expedition in the 2011 Police 5-pack, and the Ford Ambulance in the 2012 Lesney Edition line:

Those are nice, but we think the new Charger takes the cake, so let’s show it off.

The Charger has not yet been released in stores, but Keith just got the first examples fresh off the line directly from Mattel, and he was nice enough to share one with us.  So we took the photos, and we asked Keith to give us a little background.  Enjoy.

(Thanks Keith.)

2011 Matchbox Dodge Charger 

Here is the process on this project, my third with Matchbox, which started on February 3, 2012.  The other two projects were the Ford Ambulance in the Lesney Editions and a Ford Expedition in a 5-pack from 2011.

In February of 2012, I sent a few pictures to my Mattel contact of our 2011 Dodge Charger, which I thought would fit well into the MB lineup.  At that point I did not know how long it would take, or even if was going to be accepted.  Once an idea has been sent to Mattel, it has to go to the designers for consideration, and a decision has to be made as to where it will fit into the lineup.

On October 23, 2013 (20 Months later), I received an email from Mattel requesting approval of their design, color scheme, along with a few other requests.  I made one additional request for the artwork on the card and Mattel complied.  This process to get final approval between the licensee (me) and Mattel took approximately 2 weeks.

The vehicle was then put into production the first week of April 2014 and should be in the stores by the end of May or the first of June.

Keith R. Hoskins

Matchbox Dodge Charger Pursuit (2014 Basic Range):

6 Replies to “First Look: Matchbox Boone County Sheriff Dodge Charger Pursuit…”

  1. Amazing! But to me, the white one still looks better. The red light bar, and overall the different colors used in the livery make it a more delicious model to have. Although I will definitely try to get this one as well! Just wish the wheels would be black too, then it be even better. Anyway, thanks for the cool story and the photos!

    – Black Wind

  2. I love it! While my favorite, and favorite, and favorite, and just favorite car is dressed up as a police, I have to say, this is a beauty! Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of the Dodge Charger. And why not?

    Anyways, the car looks astonishing in this suit. It's captured perfectly, the Boone County police livery does it, and all of its beauty is long gone!

    Although. I could say if that some people are looking forward to the aboriginal police version of the Charger. I am looking forward to that too as much as anyone else.

    I don't know why the comment above prefers the white version just because the red police sirens are better than the black's standard plastic police sirens. After all, who would want to leave messing up with dirty stuff?

    But that's it! On that bombshell thanks for the post, John!

  3. Since I reside in Canada I hope the Dodge Charger Boone County Sheriff car will be available in my hometown in the same time period although it could potentially not be available to retailers for several months which reminds that last year when I learned of the white colored Dodge Charger police car that it wouldn't be available till October or November of the same year at a local Toys 'R' Us store,in fact, during a visit to the Minneapolis area from August-September when I was searching for this white colored Dodge Charger I had no luck which I found somewhat surprising cause I expected the car to be available in the States rather soon since Mattel is an American company and since the Minneapolis is located in the States and the Minneapolis area is somewhat vast in size.

    Although this thread concerns the die cast Boone County Sheriff car I thought I ask but since I discovered some online articles regarding a green colored Ford Police Interceptor Marshal car,white colored Ford Police Interceptor and white colored Renault Master Ambulance that does anyone know when they will be available? Regarding the Ford Police Interceptor although I admire the white colored version or model I'm more gearing towards the Marshal car which incidentally refers to a die cast U.S. Marshal car so am I correct? Finally I just recalled that my “best bet” should be to contact Mattel's toll free number.

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