First Look: Hot Wheels Zamac ’69 Camaro Walmart Mail-In Exclusive…

I had a good day at the mailbox yesterday.

Four packages.  Three containing ’83 Silverados I have been after (more on that next week), and one containing two Zamac ’69 Camaros, courtesy of Walmart.

The Hot Wheels Rewards site is, in theory, a fabulous idea.  And for the most part, it has worked like a charm.  If you haven’t joined, and you live in the US, you should.  All you do is photograph your Walmart receipt, upload the photo to the website, and it calculates the points you earned and adds them to your account.  Once you have enough points, you can order special items, including last year’s Zamac School Busted and this year’s Zamac ’69 Camaro.  No mailing in cardbacks, receipts, or a check for shipping and handling.  You select what you want, and it is sent to you.

Of course, there are some issues.  First, this should be a smartphone app.  Why it isn’t yet is strange, but it is bound to happen, I think.  Second, the reader sometimes has trouble with large receipts.  If you buy, for example, 50 models at a time, you surely want those points.  Expect the reader to reject your photo, but you can at least contact customer service and they are good about awarding the points you deserve.

So with all that, join, and go get one of these Camaros.  If you want, of course.  We can show you the pics, and you decide.  And in case you are wondering, it has a plastic base (not a surprise after the Kmart mail-in Chevelle), and it doesn’t roll.  The rolling thing is a bummer, but not a surprise.  The Boulevard version of the 69 had the same problem.  So, because of that, the all-black multipack version remains my favorite.

But, if you want to display one, it is worth it.  So check out the pics and let us know what you decide…

Hot Wheels ’69 Camaro (2014 Walmart Mail-in Exclusive):

Some of the other 69’s in the Lamley collection:

The two mail-ins for 2014 so far:

15 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Zamac ’69 Camaro Walmart Mail-In Exclusive…”

  1. I've already figued that out, but why aren't the premium lines or multipacks included in the items eligible for receiving points?

  2. My guess is because they aren't at the other stores. But who knows.

    I likely won't go for this one, like the Chevelle, because of the plastic base. That bugs me to no end.

    I'm generally supportive of Mattel and Hot Wheels when things just seem out of place or something, but lately, I find it hard defending them.


  3. I was really excited about this car, Zamac, Wheels, Tampoos, BUT the ORANGE Windshield kills it! I did buy one, but thanks to the orange widshield, it is not going to make it into any of my display cases!


  4. If you calculate based on a regular basic car purchased with the rewards program you get 150 points each. For ease of calculation let's say they are $1, (not including tax or the current 0.84 ea. sale) It takes the purchase of 27 basic cars (= 4,050 points) to redeem the 69 Camaro at 4,000 points.

    Some people were displeased that the Camaro is 4,000 instead of 3,000 like the School Busted (which is rational since it's half plastic!) though if we're simply comparing it to the traditional mail-in, it's spot on. Chevelle mail-in for Kmart for example takes $20 (actually more @ $1.09 ea.) for the basic cars, plus $3.50 s&h fee to Mattel, plus an average of $3.50 to ship the card backs to them for $27.00. So it's effectively the same cost in the end.

    Though the plastic base… for a mail-in type collector car on a non-peg card really, really should be diecast as well. Since I already have 2 I'll likely collect the remaining 3 for 2014 but will stop pursuing or redeeming mail-ins next year if they continue to have plastic bases. The upcoming Wagoneer especially will be a let down if it comes in at half the weight wearing a plastic chrome base. 🙁

  5. I agree, though with the relative ease of acquiring these I'm personally thinking of drilling one apart and swapping the clear windows from another 69' Camaro since they are easy enough to come by.

  6. That orange windscreen is awful. I plan on base swapping mine with a BLVD and I will use the windscreen from that one.

  7. My Camaro has no issues with rolling so I don't know what you're talking about unless yours is a poorly fit car. My BLVD is the same way. Both roll freely (for a car with real riders of course).

  8. I assume that practically any HW's mainline will qualify for points, if i'm not mistaken. 27 cars is a tad bit more than the KDays promo though.
    I have to say, the orange tinted glass is too much. I would even settle for red to at least match up to the flame tampos. I guess clear would have been a better choice.

  9. It really isn't that hard to find ways to reduce cost but this plastic base sCRAP has to end or we are going to see plastic bases on the new three dollar line and above, eventually leading to the rlc and convention offerings.


  10. I don't know if this a regional thing only, but I bought about 10 different cars from the J case this weekend at 2 different Wal Marts in Texas, and they were all coded the same in Wal Mart's system. So instead of getting 1500 points, I only got 150 points. Wal Mart fail.

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