Surprise!! Hot Wheels Basic Batch K is out at Wheel Collectors…

That was fast.

On the heels of Batch J just hitting, Matt at Wheel Collectors has just let us know that Hot Wheels Batch K has just arrived.

We have been waiting for this case, namely because it marks the return of the Hakosuka Skyline to the mainline, looking stupendous in black, as well as the debut of the Porsche 993 in white.  And there are many others as well.  You can see all the models by following the link:

Hot Wheels 2014 K Case

These are on their way to us, so what would you like to see start out the First Looks?

4 Replies to “Surprise!! Hot Wheels Basic Batch K is out at Wheel Collectors…”

  1. Yeah. That was fast.

    Anyways, YAY the Porsche recolor in white is here! Well, exactly I never knew that it was going to be in this case.

    I'll also be getting the Nissan, Hyundai Genesis, Mercury Cougar color vari, Max Steel motorcycle recolor, and those I'm really interested in. Really.

    So this case isn't bad. Some of my listings were my top picks for my 2014 Hot Wheels K case collecting list, but later on, I really want to see one of those on a “First Look” from you, John. Exciting! Toodles!

  2. Please do the GT2 Evo and the Hakosuka first! As those are going to be the top models of this case. There are a few I plan on acquiring and the two I mentioned will be heading my list!

    – Black Wind

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