First Look: Hot Wheels Retro Entertaimnent ’87 Toyota Truck…

We all saw this coming a mile away.

When Hot Wheels started the Retro Entertainment line, and it quickly became apparent that it was not only going to consist of well-known iconic movie/TV cars, but their lesser known co-stars (think not only Ferris’s Ferrari, but his sister’s Fiero), Marty McFly’s dream Toyota quickly came to the mind of many of us.

After all, Hot Wheels had just released the ’87 Toyota in the Hot Ones series, and although the movie truck was technically an ’83 or ’84 model, the ’87 still looked an awful lot like Marty’s black beauty.

Fast forward to now, and we finally have the happy inevitable.  The ’87 has been dressed up nicely by Biff to look like Marty’s, and it is now out.

When we review the Retro Entertainment models, we rarely refer to the actual piece of entertainment they come from, mainly because we want to focus on the cars themselves.  So let’s talk about that.

This is such a sharp model.  We have already sung the praises of the casting, and we have moved the era-appropriate designs the model has donned so far.  But this model in straight black is a stunner.  I may be wrong, but it seemed that black as a legit car color was seriously taken on in the 80’s, and a truck like this would have been all the rage.  So not only does represent an iconic movie, it becomes a signature model of the 80’s.

That means it will look great not only next to the Toyota collection, but next to the burgeoning HW vintage pickup collection we are accruing here at Lamley.  Methinks another Cool is Cool is Cool post may be in order.

This is surely a can’t miss model, and we hope most of you can get one.  One easy way is through Wheel Collectors, who is offering the whole batch as this week’s Lamley Deal of the Week.  Worth checking out…

Hot Wheels ’87 Toyota Truck (2014 Retro Entertainment):

8 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Retro Entertaimnent ’87 Toyota Truck…”

  1. I absolutely love this truck. Can't wait to get a few. Some body/base/wheel swaps are in order! 😀


  2. If its the back to the future truck ,why is it not the Xtra cab model? where is the front push bar with driving lights? There is to much lacking in this model to call it Marty's truck,i realy dont know why or how the licence holder signed off on this one.

  3. It was stated by HWC Van and others that the original prototype of the Toyota pickup was the Xtra/King Cab model, and was indeed meant to be part of the planned Retro Entertainment line that had not yet been released. However, licensing issues and other hurdles resulted in the model becoming what it is now.


  4. My cup of tea. I say it is really great, fits with those Goodyear Wrangler tires, smooth in black (like a baby), and is superb work done by Hot Wheels. There's everything right except one thing missing. Why the heck did they not give the full stuff? I have to agree with the comment above me. There's that reason answered.

  5. That is such an awesome, awesome truck! One of the best models of this series definitely. If you ever do a poll, you have my advance vote to this one! A stunning looking black '87 Toyota Pick-up. Can't get any meaner than that! It looks absolutely fantastic! I'm totally sold. I'll ask some of my friends who are abroad if they can get me one of these! Its a must have!

    – Black Wind

  6. Not bad, though I AM a little disappointed that there aren't front bumper bars at least…also, did anyone else notice there's a front license plate but not a rear plate? Really odd…

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