Model of the Day: Kyosho 50th Anniversary Special Edition Lamborghini Veneno in white…

It is kind of fun to go back into the photo files and see what models we have yet to showcase.  Here is another.  
A couple of months ago we dedicated a post to the standard Kyosho Lamborghini Veneno, and of course the Hot Wheels version has been getting some attention as it is just hitting pegs right now.  We will surely do a comparison once we have both of them.
But Kyosho has had some fun with the Veneno.  To celebrate Kyosho’s 50th Anniversary, they decided to release three commemorative versions of the Veneno, which was made to celebrate Lamborghini’s 50th Anniversary.  Synergy!  One in flat black, one in red, and one in white.  The black is mean, the red stunning (even if the car is ugly), and the white clean.  The black and red versions have been selling for crazy prices, so we figured the white was a good one to get to help celebrate a brand we have really learned to love.  
Maybe we spend too much time saying the Veneno is ugly, but for some reason we sure can’t get enough of it.  Probably because it is so unique, and let’s be honest, one of Lamborghini’s great legacies is making ugly cars
Kyosho Lamborghini Veneno (50th Anniversary Commemorative Edition):

3 Replies to “Model of the Day: Kyosho 50th Anniversary Special Edition Lamborghini Veneno in white…”

  1. Very stunning. While some others will say “This isn't what I'd expect for Kyosho to make for their Lamborghini 50th anniversary collectible, it's just a Veneno! I want something that more exists, that looks astonishing than any other Lambo model, and one of the most POPULAR. I wanted an Aventador, Kyosho idiots!” But that's not gonna happen just because the Veneno is actually sweet. After all, who actually is going to be prepared to say that the Veneno is a stupid halfwit, full of cow s***? That isn't the thing I should really think of. This is all them bad ass.

    But to me, I have to say, me tha the Veneno looks really great in white, but I was also looking for Kyosho to doing the new Lambo Veneno ROADSTER in red. It did look pretty fantastic. I just wanted to say some stuff about that Veneno again. “After all, what do you think is making more Venenos a halfwit, eh you little dump? Is that all the resonable cow s*** you've got. The Veneno is just actually my words, it is full of f***ing cow s*** from their ass, and then they get s***tty things on 'em bastards”.

    And OMG, what could be wrong with the Veneno anyway. Ugly? People feeling like an idiot when they have this. Freak…

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