Just Released: 2014 Matchbox Land Rover Defender 110, Cadillac CTS Coupe, ’68 Mustang GT/CS, Seagrave Fire Engine, and Morgan Aeromax…

Looks like the latest batch of Matchbox has hit the UK, and new 5- an 9-packs have hit the US.  There are a lot of models appearing, but we will only focus on those we find the most interesting.

We are most excited about is coming in the mainline.  Thanks to this ebay seller, we have the first images of the 2014 versions of the Cadillac CTS Coupe, Seagrave Fire Engine, and ’68 Mustang:

The Mustang looks great in brown, as does the Seagrave in red (surprise!), but it is the CTS Coupe we are most happy about.  The Coupe has been a Matchbox fave around here, both in 1:1 scale and as a Matchbox model, but it has been sadly underused.  It was released in the 2011 mainline, recolored for the exclusives 10-pack that same year, and never heard from again.  Until now.  It looks fantastic in red, and we are thrilled to see it sitting on 5-spoke wheels.  Considering we have several of the first two colors, plus a prepro we won at a Mattel Charity auction, we might be picking up a decent number of the latest CTS Coupe…

Now on to the 5-packs.  Two have been released, a Construction 5-pack and one called “Jungle Recon”.  We will focus on the Jungle Recon because of this:

The Land Rover Defender 110 is a collector fave, and this new version appears to be no exception.  Great color, wheels, and deco.  We found it on ebay here.

Lastly, new 9-car Gift Packs are out as well, and the exclusives are fantastic.  Our good friends over at the Diecast Bliss Blog (a blog very much worth checking out) broke the news, and are showing the first pics of the exclusive Morgan Aeromax and Ford F-100 Panel Van:

You can follow the link to the Diecast Bliss blog to see full pics of the Gift Packs.

Yes, we feel it too.  There is distinct buzz starting to emerge around the Matchbox line again.  A buzz we haven’t heard in awhile.  There is still a lot that needs to happen to get that buzz to full volume, but we might be headed in the right direction.  This year’s convention should be VERY interesting…

11 Replies to “Just Released: 2014 Matchbox Land Rover Defender 110, Cadillac CTS Coupe, ’68 Mustang GT/CS, Seagrave Fire Engine, and Morgan Aeromax…”

  1. The CTS is going to be hot everywhere! And so would the Mustang and the Seagrave. I shall try to look out for these. The Land Rover is also on my radar and if I'm lucky enough to find that 5- pack I will get that too. We don't get that many 9 or 10 car gift-packs here so I may or may not find the Morgan. But a very nice model I must say!

    – Black Wind

  2. First the VUM base is deleted on the Olds Police car, and now the Seagrave. Even the $.59 Maisto lines don't look that cheap.

  3. What else is in the 9-packs with the Ford F-100 Panel and the one with the Morgan?

    Even though I'm getting the Seagrave, I think the gray base just looks cheap.

  4. I am definetely getting that Caddy with beautiful red paint, that Mustang, the Seagrave fire engine, the Rover, and that Aeromax. No intrest in that Ford panel van all right…

  5. More repaints? Where are the new licensed models? Hot Wheels is almost done with 2014. And what is this I'm hearing about licensing issues with Land Rover? Didn't stop Majorette from making the Evoque. Mattel should do the ethical thing and just kill this brand.

  6. Or sell Matchbox and Dinky to Hornby. They now own one of MBX's oldest competitors, Corgi, who Mattel also ruined. Now Corgi is truly a great brand again, and now it again has a toy line aimed at kids that looks pretty good, even from a collector's perspective.

  7. OK, OK, let's buy the same models over and over again because new colors are all we get. Sorry for being sarcastic….

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