What should I pick? (1:18 scale AutoART edition…)

So let’s say you were putting some display space up in your office, and you had one shelf that was currently empty, desperate for a purpose.

And let’s say you decided to drift a bit from your 1:64 roots and dedicate that one shelf to four 1:18 scale models.

And let’s also say that you have decided that you would choose those four 1:18 scale pieces from the fantastic line of AutoART models.  And let’s say you narrowed it down to thirteen choices.

Which four, in this hypothetical situation, would you choose?

Let us know in the comments section below…

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  1. I mostly echo SeattleO with my choices. Three of my choices would be the exact same, the red 2000 GT with the alloy wheels is definitely first in my opinion, followed by the BMW 2002 and stock E30 M3. My fourth choice is more of a toss up, I'd either also choose the silver Skyline or the brown Porsche.

  2. The 930 Turbo definitely! And the modified E30 M3, the 2002 and the light gold Skyline. Any of these four!

    – Black Wind

  3. The Fantastic Four:
    1. Red 2000GT
    2. Silver Hakosuka
    3. Black E30 (Stock)
    4. 911 Turbo RSR

    Honorable Mention: Orange BMW 2002 Turbo

  4. Wow, I should. So let's get this straight. Are these REAL customs or are they just Hot Wheels custom stuff? They feel like they're actually in a REAL backround. Weird.

    But anyways, these AutoART customs are really amazing than just the “As Is the Custom” you post every Sunday John. This is going to be super awesome!

    If you are asking what are my pick, that will be the black Beamer E30, that maroon Toyota 2000GT, that orange yellow Skyline, all the designs of the Porsche, and then the red COPO Corvette. That's all. I feel relaxed, just fine…

  5. that last 2000gt, in red with the darker wheels. those style wheels suit the car perfectly, while the lace ones on the maroon one really don't look as good. those AA 2000gts are beautiful in person.

  6. First of all, this isn't a “As Is the Custom” post. This is a properly separate post where John is asking which four models he should buy. And these models which are made by a very famous company called AutoART are much, much bigger than Hot Wheels. Second, please explain which “black BMW E30” you mean as there are two. Third, there's no COPO Corvette in there, just a Stingray but in two color choices. And fourthly, he can only buy four models. So please tell which Porsche in particular. And next time, if you don't understand what's going on, use some common sense to see what is actually happening, what the writer actually wants and what the readers are saying before commenting yourself. Cheers!

    – Black Wind.

  7. There's been a mistake. I meant the silver Skyline, but for some reason I thought the color was light gold (it is a very, very faint gold). I DID NOT mean the first bright orange/ golden Skyline. Yeah, its these four.

    – Black Wind

  8. 1) Porsche 991 Carrera RS 2.7 with side decals (It's one car I used frequently in NFS5)
    2) E30 BMW M3 that doesn't have lace rims…
    3) 911 Turbo (930)
    4) BMW 2002

    AA model that didn't make the cut (my #1) Porsche 914….
    (Which I understand, there's haters and likers)

  9. 1) the maroon 2000GT with wire wheels
    2) the red 2000GT with OEM wheels
    3) the orange Bimmer race car
    4) no JDM, no Porsches, no Corvettes


  10. Can I ask, are you understanding of what I'm saying? I just noticed right after I just posted my comment about saying that the Corvette was a COPO, and all those blah blah blahs you are saying. I just needed some good advice because I was confused with everything. Don't you see? Turns out to getting everyone's mind crazy. Like you.

  11. RED GT 2000
    ORANGE Bimmer 2000
    BROWN Vette
    YELLOW Skyline GT-R

    That selection encompasses all and adds some great color/shine to that shelf. Cant go wrong. If you get a fifth feel free to send my way!

  12. BMW 2002
    E30 M3 'race car'
    Porsche 911 Carrera RS (with black wheels/rocker panel decals)
    Red Toyota 2000GT (not maroon)

  13. Didn't YOU see that I was actually trying to help you out and not flaming you for your small mistake? Also, you need to work on your sentence building a bit so that others will have an easy time understanding what you want to say. Also, you did not answer my second and third questions. Please explain which BMW E30 and Porsche you mean in particular. Because as you see, there's two E30 (stock and modified, both of them black) and three Porsches (two Carrera RS's with and without graphics and the Turbo). So take some time to state which of these you think John should buy. And next time, do ask for help if you have a problem. The readers (or at least I) will try to help you out. And also sign your post (like I do) so people will know who's posting. Cheers!

    – Black Wind

  14. Okay, okay. The black E30 I was talking about was the 1st one shown. The modified one. And then I like ALL the colors of the Porsches. And I wasn't talking about the “As is the custom” John posts every Sunday (like today he is posting an “As is the Custom post, Sun. Apr. 13, 2014), I was saying it was like related to the “As is the custom' post. Please keep understanding.

    Thanks for your advice anyway.

  15. Pho…………………………..sur yeh i will chosee. i'm gonn go for ther orange bmw racer, the 2 toyota 2000gt's, porshe carrera, and 2 black bimmers

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