Model of the Day: Motor Max Pagani Zonda C12…

It is April 2014.  We acquired this model back in July 2013 at the Matchbox Convention in New Mexico, and took these shots shortly thereafter.  We intended to showcase this model then.

But then news came, over and over, and this model became the Matt Damon of the Lamley Blog.  (We will have to see who gets that reference.)  Or maybe we forgot all about it until we were putting together the displays we showcased yesterday.  One way or the other, we are finally showing off the Motor Max Pagani Zonda.

We know very little about this model.  Motor Max specializes in larger scale models, but they have a 1:64 line that is very much on par with Hot Wheels and Matchbox.  We only own one Motor Max, and it is the one we are showing now.  So we will rely on some of our knowledgable readers to dish out more info on the line, where to get it, when the Zonda casting was released, etc.

We had been watching a few of these on ebay, ready to pounce, until we found this silver one buried in an extras box in Jeff Koch’s room at Albuquerque.  There appears to be two other colors, burnt orange and blue.  And if ebay is any indication, the blue is most common of the three.

While the Lamley World revolves mainly around Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Tomica, and Kyosho, we do have room for some exceptions.  Auto World is infiltrating fast, and we have a few Majorettes.  This Motor Max was an easy buy because as far as we know it is the only 1:64 version of the Zonda, and the Lamley collection needed a Zonda.

So we have it, and we like it.  And we think a few of you will to.

(Find the Motor Max Zonda on ebay…)

Motor Max Pagani Zonda C12:

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  1. I'm not very knowledgeable on Motor Max cars either, but there was also a version in yellow. This is the only “base” model Zonda in diecast, but there is also a wonderful Zonda R from Mondo Motors that was in a series of cars for Top Gear called the Stig Power Series, and it even has the Stig inside driving it. There were 6 cars released in the series as singles, plus a few others that were in playsets, but the Zonda R is the highlight of them all.

  2. I have the silver one as well, and I prefer this one over the HW Huyara. Its soo cool and classy! The casting was released in 2004 shortly after Motormax released the 1:18 and 1:24 scale versions. Blue, silver, orange, along with a few others released. They were most commonly found in the TRU Fast Lane 2 packs around that time (i found mine with the VW W12). Now Motormax produced sharp 1:64 castings, with a few not so great ones, back then, but MM stopped releasing new ones around 2008, replacing realistic cars with generic ones (still being sold as Fast Lane 8 packs). For example, Motormax has 1:18 and 1:24 versions of the Zonda F and Huyara, but no 1:64 scale versions.

  3. So there's the Zonda to the Huayra. Hot Wheels Huayra is mine. The Zonda is cool but it is made by a little kid toy called Motor Max. I don't often collect Motor Max things such as this Zonda. So the Huayra.

  4. Mjep,as one comment already said,the Motor Max Zonda is already around a few years.The Motor Max Cars were also sold in TRU`s in Germany and also at a much lower price than Hotwheels or Matchbox.
    The one thing that made me always curious was the fact that the MM Zonda wears the Lace Wheels from Hotwheels.And i`m pretty sure the wheels don`t just look like them,they are either real Mattel Wheels or very good rip offs.

  5. I really haven't seen the small scale Motor Max stuff around here since Dollar General had them with the Golden Wheels for 2/$1 in about '05 or '06

  6. Nice grab! That looks pretty danggone nice. Although, I do prefer the Huayra, if we're talking about real cars. The Zonda looks badass but the Huayra just has more cohesion, more grace, more flow.

  7. There are some more colors of this casting, there are blue and red, I own the blue one.. Motormax have been producing these 1:64 for quite a long time, is it 2006 or 2005 I forgot.. maybe more, I own several more casting, there are SLR Mclaren,First generation Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera,Lamborghini Murcielago SV,R34,Supra,celica,RX-7,Saleen S7,etc..
    It's common in my city so it's pretty easy to get them

    Here is a photo of the Lambos

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