Just Unveiled: The licensed, but still kid-aimed, Hot Wheels Custom El Camino Treasure Hunt…

We teased this tidbit yesterday, and most of you were able to figure out what it was.  And it appears a lot of you are excited to see it as well.  We agree, this is a good-looking model.

Hot Wheels appears to be taking a small break from fantasy Regular Treasure Hunts with the upcoming Custom El Camino, but are they?  Yes, it is licensed, and yes, it is a classic, but how often do you see an El Camino puttering down the street with a rocket engine in its bed?
The Custom El Camino is a great casting, and it was done in this style as part of Mattel’s “Team Hot Wheels” branding, which is clearly aimed at kids.  We have said a lot lately that the regular TH’s are there to create more young collectors, and this may be the best example of that.  
So yes, we will pick one up if we see it on the pegs, but we will leave anymore we come across.  What will you do?

7 Replies to “Just Unveiled: The licensed, but still kid-aimed, Hot Wheels Custom El Camino Treasure Hunt…”

  1. I love this casting; and I usually don't care for anything with flames, or overly modified looks. Perhaps it's my love of the Mad Max movie trilogy but I feel this El Camino fits that demographic well, I'd certainly buy 2 if I come by them. 🙂

  2. I collect El Caminos and this is easily my favorite regular TH of the year (can't say that it tops the black first edition, though). I'm also planning to buy two should the opportunity present itself. Anything after that will be left behind for others. Also, it'd be no big deal if I only managed to find one.

    By the way, regarding the rest of the 2014 regular THs, I bought two of the Subarus (the only two I found), and one each of the Night Burner, Fangula, and Speedbox (and I've spotted several multiples of all three). Have yet to see any of the others.

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