Lamley News: Is Snoopy charging towards the Hot Wheels pegs in Batch J?

How is this for an interesting model?  This image has been making the rounds, along with the other models from Hot Wheels Batch J, and while we at Lamley are interested in some others, one image brought out the most curiosity.

A few batches removed from the surprise that was the Homer, could it be that Charlie Brown’s best buddy, Snoopy, is joining the mainline?

If he is, this will be a very popular model.  At least we assume it will be.  The Homer was gobbled up.  In fact, we never saw it on the pegs in all of our travels.  We were lucky to get a couple at Kdays.  Snoopy should gain the same amount of attention.

And we hope it does.  Because while collectors are scrummaging the pegs for their Charlie Brown fix, we can sneak in and grab these three beauties:

Scion FR-S (Zamac)

1990 Honda Civic EF recolor

Datsun 620 Pickup recolor

Go ravage your Walmarts for Batch H, which is hitting now.  Because a storm is coming next month, in the form of Batch J…


He is coming.  These appeared on ebay:

15 Replies to “Lamley News: Is Snoopy charging towards the Hot Wheels pegs in Batch J?”

  1. Snoopy actually has quite a long history in the diecast world – a Google image search for “Snoopy Diecast” will turn up quite a bit of stuff. And this will fit in very well with them. Well done, HW team.

    And of course, I'm really looking forward to the Datsun 620 and Honda Civic EF recolors.

  2. Not a fan of the snoopy. Not my cup of tea. I had enough of collecting cartoon cars. My only intrests on cartoon car cllecting is the Homer. I hadn't caught with the Jetsons 'cause that was also not my cup of tea either.

    Woo, there is the Datsun recolor in red and features sporty styling. The best of it is it's going to be the 1st of my top 10 collection now.

    'Round the Hot Wheels track, or Hot Wheels tuner track, a tester, the Civic EF recolor. I don't like the red stripes on the side, but is that all for that? Well, I can say I'm looking for certain colors on SOME tuners like this EF, yellow with green or something.

    Another ZAMAC. The Scion FRS. And now do you see? I hope not to see more Chevys on ZAMAC in the future, but the Scion FRS is not one of them.

  3. Can't wait for Snoopy. My wife and I are big fans of Snoopy. Now if they could do something with Smurfs, my wife would be very happy.

  4. Any official word on what the 2 remaining Zamac's will be in the upcoming batch? It looked like the Chevelle Wagon with Hurst door logo getting the Zamac treatment was going to be 1 of the 3? Anyone??

  5. well… as much as I enjoy taking the snoopy, Indonesia is wayyyy behind. we haven't seen any Batch D cars cuz we still stuck in C….

    the next ZAMACs I peek in a Brazilian site is the Ford Ranchero

  6. Snoopy is dope!!! I'm not super crazy about the toon stuff, but this is the first time I saw a Snoop
    diecast like this. I gotta' have it. Awesome!
    Of course i'll have to p/u the Honda recolor, since I think it looks better than the red model, IMO.

  7. Okay, I am simply going to assume the next 3 Zamacs will be the FRS, Chevelle Wagon, and Ford Ranchero until I hear otherwise…? 🙂

  8. I'm not crazy about the cartoon stuff either, but you might be right about the Snoop. I was a huge Peanuts fan as a kid, and the car looks pretty decent. All they need is a Snoop Dogg casting, Snoop Lion, or whatever his name is now.

  9. For many of us, nostalgia is a reason that attracts, and Peanuts is no exception, as many of us grew up with watching the numerous TV specials and what not. While I find the casting a little strange, I cannot deny me wanting to find one just because I had numerous Snoopys as a kid. It would be awesome if you could turn that Snoopy into his WWI Flying Ace character, or perhaps even Joe Cool.

  10. Hi All, Love the look of the new Datsun 620! I do an excel list of all my Hot Wheels to keep track of them, including the year of each car if possible. I am not a Datsun buff, and can't nail which year the 620 is supposed to represent? The logo/stripes/spoiler were factory?Now give me air cooled VWs! Anyway, if anyone could help, it would be appreciated. Thanks.

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