Cool is Cool is Cool: The two new station wagons from Auto World, the ’69 Chevy Kingswood Estate & ’64 Ford Country Squire…

This is our first post ever on an Auto World model.

Over here at Lamley we look at Auto World in much the same way we look at Johnny Lightning and Greenlight.  Some great models, and surely excellent quality, but a lot of the same.  We understand to survive as a collector-aimed diecast company here in the US, you need to put out a lot of Mustangs and Camaros, among a barrage of muscle and Mopar.

And surely anyone who is aware of my love for Tomica Limited Vintage would say that they are just the JDM equivalent of these diecast companies, and I can’t argue with that.  So we agree that personal taste feeds a lot into our opinion on these diecast companies, but there is something about these diecast companies that fails to ignite any excitement about them.

Until…you see these two wagons.

Think Homer thinking of doughnuts.  If making “been-there, done-that” Mustangs and Camaros that everyone will buy means we can get the occasional classic estate, then we are ALL for it.  We will admit to having had a looksie at the Ford GT40 and Cadillac Coupe DeVille when they were on the pegs, and almost buying both.  Now that we have these two Wagons, I think buying the two we passed on makes sense.

So we will dedicate our second “Cool is Cool is Cool” feature to these two wagons from Auto World. They deserve it.  Our first Cool is Cool focused on classics pickups, and maybe the only thing cooler than a pickup is a wagon.

We made the argument that classic pickups are what’s cool, not current trucks.  That is why wagons are just a little cooler, because wagons from any era are cool.  Start with these 60’s land yachts, which had their run well into the 80’s, move to the compact Japanese wagons from Toyota and Datsun, and go all the way to current greats like the Cadillac CTS Wagon, Audi RS6, and Subaru Outback.  Wagons are cool.  Always have been.  Always will be.

So sit back (in the back-back), relax, and enjoy the pics.  And Auto World, if you are reading this, you may be on to something.  You could be the TLV of the US, and something like that is desperately wanted…

(Find the Kingswood Estate and Country Squire on ebay…)

Auto World 1969 Chevy Kingswood Estate (2014 Muscle Wagons):

Auto World 1964 Ford Country Squire (2014 Muscle Wagons):

To end, the perfect match.  Auto World’s scale-conscious Kingswood together with it’s equally size-appropriate counterpart, the Tomica Limited Vintage Datsun 510 Wagon:

11 Replies to “Cool is Cool is Cool: The two new station wagons from Auto World, the ’69 Chevy Kingswood Estate & ’64 Ford Country Squire…”

  1. Autoworld is probably my favorite brand right now, and I couldn't agree more on it being the western equivalent to TLV. These two, plus Kyosho are the only brands I'm still picking up, with Matchbox no longer available in Brazil and Hot Wheels losing some of their appeal

  2. Love that Chevy. But how come no open hood shots? Hehe.

    I haven't picked up anything from this brand yet, but I might have to get that Kingswood.

    Here's hoping they tackle the Vista Cruiser!


  3. I respect station wagons for their practicality, but I wouldn't say that I'm a station wagon guy, per se. But some wagons are kinda cool, in their own little way. The Datsun is kinda cute though. Wood on cars ain't really my cup of tea but the Chevy does not have a bad design. I could see myself taking a comfortable cross country trip in that beast.

  4. Those are poo shots out of 'em. I always tell everyone here that I'm not a fan of classics, but SOME, such as these country road drivers.

    But anyways, my pick is on the Chevy. But just something weirdo about it. So it's called the Kingswood and not a Chevelle wagon. Hmm… Hot Wheels is the one that made a Chevrolet wagon but called only the official name, the “Chevelle”. So I'm just, or some are just as much as confused as me. Named either of these. But I think the Chevy wagon here is supposed to be named “Chevelle” because the design of it looks just identical to Hot Wheels only '70 Chevelle Wagon. Or, I guess the Chevy Kingswood is named like that to be known as a country version for the Chevy. So, never mind! Or do this mind?

    Just to let you guys know, the Hot Wheels '70 Chevelle wagon was the one that was the “Hurst” edition for 2014.

    Yep, now the Ford. Not a lot of things to say about it. But I don't like it, it's grose, it's disgusting. I LOVE IT A LOT!!! It's like gold in white, it's just astonishing as much as the Chev. So much for striking out.

  5. Kingswood is Chevy's full-size wagon. The Chevelle is mid-size. These are both beautiful, and at the top of my want list. Probably never going to find them, though.
    Hmm, TLV quality, yet TLV's are like 10-15 bucks more…

  6. SeattleO below is correct. The Kingswood seen above is essentially a Caprice wagon, in its front body work, drivetrain etc. but this was one year before the Kingswood was fully marketed as part of the Caprice lineup becoming the '1970 Caprice Kingswood Estate'.

  7. These wagons are great. I initially took notice of the AutoWorld brands new diecast as they rolled out late last year but didn't make a purchase until I really took a good look at their Cadillac DeVille Coupe and realized that despite being a loyal Greenlight diecast fan; the AutoWorld products really are a step above!

    Mostly in their true 1:64 scale, AW's short cars are as short as they should be, and the land yachts are markedly longer than their muscle car neighbors on the pegs, and beyond that each and every model has PRECISELY the correct wheels/hubcaps, and tires which is something other 1:64 makers opt to use 1 of 20 wheels that are merely 'close' to what would have been mounted originally. Greenlight seems to have taken notice of this new intimidating competitor in 1:64 by reissuing models like the Anchorman Dodge Van with correct wheels and so forth.

    I was lucky enough to come across the 2 wagons above at a nearby Walmart when I just stopped by to buy a tail light bulb, now I just have to find the white Kingswood & the red Country Squire. I originally told myself I wouldn't purchase the Country Squire as a collector of mostly GM cars, but holding it in hand and seeing the careful detail of real state license plates front & rear, the casting including the 'bumps' in the side wood trim and the accuracy of the wheels made me not think twice about buying!

    Now all AutoWorld needs to do is make sure they produce a model or two each release that has an interior produced in tan, green, dark red, dark blue, or some other period correct color. It seems everyone defaults to the 'safe' black interior but cars of the 60's, 70's, & 80's were often found with varied colorful tones of upholstery well before black or dark grey like we see in every car today.

  8. Also, AutoWorld numbering their models with laser etched numbers like Greenlight used to do (before switching to # stickers) not to mention actually releasing the total production numbers would add even more value to their product. At $4.99 at Walmart & even $6.99 elsewhere the AutoWorld models are a amazing product at a fair, attainable price for most collectors.

  9. These castings are simply exceptional. I love all cars and the Ford is simply amazing. I am a GM fan so the Kingswood estate I absolutely love. The Cadillac sedan Deville mentioned is so faithful. Can't wait to see what else they produce. Walmart has the best price and I was fortunate to come across them. So beautiful.

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