First Look: Kyosho/Triple 9 Honda NSX Type-R Daboxtoys Exclusive…

We just got a box from Daboxtoys, and it is full of 1:64 goodies.  Over the next few days we hope to show most of what arrived, but we will start with this very cool Honda NSX Type-R.
Kyosho rarely does special edition models, but this NSX is one of them.  Done together with UK-based diecast company Triple 9, this is the NSX casting that was part of the Kyosho Honda line from a few years ago.  What the purpose is for making this model, we have no idea.  What we do know is that it looks great in red, and there are not many 1:64 scale models of the fantastic NSX.
That is why we were happy to get one from Daboxtoys.  Afterwards we learned that Daboxtoys has exclusive rights to sell this model, and once it is sold out, it ain’t coming back.
So if you are like us, and have wanted a 1:64 replica of the NSX, now might be a great time, especially considering Daboxtoys has marked down the price for a limited time.  You can find it by clicking on the following link:

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