First Look: Hot Wheels Cool Classics Honda CR-X (and a special Lamley Deal of the Week)…

After several months and ignored batches, Hot Wheels Cool Classics have finally gotten interesting.  Sure, we liked some of the classics and muscle cars released for Cool Classics, but a little more variety has all of a sudden seeped in.

And for we JDM fans, there is a lot to like.  It started with the ’87 Toyota, and in the very next batch comes the Honda CR-X.  Japanese cars get the next batch off, but then return with the Honda S2000 in Batch K, and culminate with the ever-popular Datsun 510, Datsun 240Z, and Subaru Brat.  That is quite the lineup.  And that is only the Japanese cars.  There are plenty more to get excited about.

But let’s go back to that Honda CR-X.  This is the third premium version of the CR-X, and in our opinion, the best-looking.  The first two, while nice, were plagued with some over-the-top colors.  This one seems just right.  Not to mention, the Cool Classic wheels look fantastic.

We did have one question when we got our example.  Had the planned modifications taken place?  Apparently the Hot Wheels design team has not been very happy with how the headlights turned out. And we collectors agree.  The headlights are part of the window piece, and from the beginning they haven’t really sat flush with the model.  We were told that modifications were taking place, and the expectation was that they would be seen with this model.  It is hard to tell, but we don’t think anything has happened yet.  You be the judge:

Can you see any differences?  We can’t.

But we are happy to have it, and because of that we are excited to announce a special Lamley Deal of the Week with our friends at Wheel Collectors.  For a limited time, Wheel Collectors is offering a set of Cool Classics Batch H for $19.99 plus shipping.  That is cheaper than retail, and you get the CR-X along with its four Batch H counterparts.  Just follow the link below:

Lamley Deal of the Week Cool Classics Batch H

Hot Wheels Honda CR-X (2014 Cool Classics):

7 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Cool Classics Honda CR-X (and a special Lamley Deal of the Week)…”

  1. Hm… the gray bottom half would look good with the red Hot Ones one…

    I'm still annoyed at how the model was done (with the plastic bottom half of the body, which is tied in with the interior). But this is definitely the best release of the casting yet. I hope they never put it in the mainline, though, or if they do, it retains the metal base. If this one went to a plastic base, it'll be horribly light.


  2. they meant the fact that the bottom of the plastic that joins the two lamps is meant to sit underneath the bumper, but the vast majority of the models out there have that plastic sitting on top of the bumper instead, causing the bottom of the headlamp assembly to not sit flush with the bumper but to instead sit high above it with a big chunk of plastic separating them. looks like all three of his models have this problem, but the first one I bought didn't

  3. if you are careful, you can push down on the middle of the plastic bit connecting the two lamps and shove it under the bumper where it's supposed to be. if you're not careful you'll leave a mark on it, either on the plastic of the headlamp thing or on the plastic bumper, but it's really easy to fix

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