Lamley News: The remaining models of 2014 Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment have been unveiled…

Man, this has been a fun week.

First, the list of mainline models for the 2014 line was released, then we got word on what the Cool Classics line would look like for 2014.  Well, we have one more piece of fun news.

We have the tentative list for the next three batches of 2014 Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment, and it looks really good.

The RE line, which features replicas of cars from classic television programs and movies, is the obvious recipient of the bulk of Mattel’s premium Hot Wheels budget.  And it shows.  We have seen fantastic version of several existing castings, as well as some exciting new tools, like last year’s Ferrari California, and this year’s Dodge Macho Power Wagon.

Well it looks like the good stuff is still coming.  Here is the list as we found it:

• Back To The Future – ’87 Toyota Truck
• Need For Speed – Custom Mustang
• Simon & Simon – ’57 Chevy Bel Air
• Need For Speed – Koenigsegg CCX
• Beverly Hills, 90210 – 65 Mustang
• Karate Kid – ’48 Ford Super Deluxe
• Knight Rider – KITT Super Pursuit Mode
• Fast and Furious – ’70 Dodge Charger R/T
• James Bond – Aston Martin DBS
• Tommy Boy – ’67 Plymouth Belvedere GTX

• Zoolander – ’67 Ford Bronco
• James Bond – 1976 Lotus Esprit – Submarine
• Simpsons – The Homer
• James Bond – ’71 Mustang Mach I
• Anchorman – Custom ’77 Dodge Van

• BJ & The Bear – Thunder Roller
• James Bond – Aston Martin DB5
• Ghostbusters II – ECTO-1A
• Back To The Future – ’48 Ford
• Batman Returns – Batmobile

We already know there are some changes.  Batch C was found in New Zealand (pictured below), and all is correct with the exception of the Beverly Hills Cop Mustang.  The batch was instead found with the James Bond ’71 Mustang.  Our guess is the Beverly Hills Cop Mustang will be released in Batch F.

With that out of the way, what do you think of the list?  Consider us fans.  We assumed we would see the Aston Martin DB5, which is a new model in the 2014 mainline, in Retro as a James Bond model, and sure enough it is there.  We guess it will be silver with the wheels we saw on last year’s Ferrari California, and that makes this model an absolute must-have.  Especially when you couple it with the modern Aston Martin DBS coming in Batch D.

Other collectors will be excited to get a premium Homer, and we know there are a lot of fans of the Thunder Roller.  And is the Back to the Future ’48 Ford Biff’s ride?  And will we see it covered in manure?

Compelling questions for sure.  We assume the answers will come in time…

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  1. Yay! Finally here! My favourites are the Need for Speed Koenigsegg and Mustang and the two Astons from James Bond, with the Toyota from BTTF closely behind. Too bad that I won't be getting them! Have fun with them!

    – Black Wind

  2. Is the 1976 Lotus Esprit a new Hot Wheels casting then? I am curious to see how this submarine is executed seeing as brands like Johnny Lightning, Corgi, and possibly others have done it in 1:64 if I am correct. I hope it comes out nicely so I can buy one to accompany my AutoArt 1:18 Esprit Submarine! 🙂

    Also, Biff's Ford convertible from Back to The Future is a 1946 not 1948. Is this an error in the listing above or is this the closest Hot Wheels can come without making a new casting?

  3. Can't wait to see them. The Knight Rider – KITT Super Pursuit Mode should be awesome! I wonder if they use Royal Flash for the Bond Sub? hmmm should be interesting

  4. Why would they cast the Lotus as the submarine? That means they can't release it in the future in different paint schemes or anything. They should just release an all stock, white Esprit.

  5. This is the day I've been just waiting for. I'm falling in love with the new NFS castings in the C case, the Koenissegg Agera R and the '14 Mustang Custom, which is the totally top 10 of my collection now. The Agera first, second the Mustang.

    Yeeeeeeeeees!!! The Homer! Now that's the cartoon I've also spoken before, but that's just only part of my Retro Entertainment- “Really Entertaining me” list. So far I've got the Herbie Love Beetle, Dodge Power Wagon, and the Jetsons Capsule Car in that part. So ENTERTAINING hahahaha!

    Now moving on, Imma get James Bond's Astons, the DB5 and the DBS. Too bad They're not stolen yet. So I'll get before he's alive on that “Hit the shelves day”

    Yay, there goes the '67 Ford Bronco- Zoolander. What gives? Hot Wheels gives a competition with the Greenlight Collectibles version. Greenlight Collectibles actually made theirs as a new casting featured in the Hollywood series 6, and a group of him. Hot Wheels Zoolander Bronco versus Greenlight Collectibles Zoolander Bronco! I'll go for the Greenlight Collectibles version. They make a pity.

  6. As if I say, I can answer the comments that why the Lotus is a submarine.

    If you watch TopGear BBC, I watched a quick episode on the Lotus Espirit submarine. That's actually true. Richard Hammond was the one who tests it. You can learn a little more about the Espirit sub on the episode I watched. Technically, I forgot what episode was that.

  7. Didn't Greenlight already do the Zoolander Bronco and the Anchorman Dodge Van?

    I wish they'd do Emergency!, Adam-12, Dragnet, or any '60s and '70s series for that matter.

    I thought the series name was Retro Entertainment, not current entertainment. The most recent Anchorman movie was just a few months ago, and the original came out not much more than ten years ago. Need for Speed, I don't even think is even out yet.

    I will be getting the James Bond cars.

  8. Ha, very good point about the relative lack of 'Retro' in some of the batches. I would love to see a variety of cruisers from Adam-12. That show is great to watch for the background cars, and ones they pull over alone! Vintage showcase!

  9. Cody, Greenlight Collectibles has already made the Zoolander Bronco and the Anchorman Dodge Van. I answered that for you. Period.

    They're in Hollywood series 6, which you can find 'em both on eBay.

  10. Thanks for featuring my image on your blog. It would have been nice to see a credit to the HWC forum where it was originally posted, though you did include a link to YouTube so I can't really complain. And now I see T-Hunted are crediting this blog for the find … Sure was nice to find these so quickly locally.
    If the Lambly Blog needed I could provide loose images as well 🙂

  11. Are you the guy whose image appeared with the 2014 Retro Entertainment C case models in Austrillia?! WOW, Very good eyesight. I am looking forward to the Koenissegg Agera R an the Custom '14 Mustang.. Better find those NFS new castings on that case.

    On the other hand, I also welcome you too. Surely you better have more luck on finding the next 2014 Retro Entertainments on your intrest.

  12. I've been loving the retro entertainment series here by Hot Wheels a lot! This years releases have been grand to be certain. A couple of areas that I would really like to see Hot Wheels do though is the vehicles from EMERGENCY! (namely the squad, the 1973 Ward Engine 51, an Ambulance, and the 1965 Crown Engine 51). I'd also love to see the Starsky and Hutch 1976 Gran Torino, the Monkeemobile, the Pink Panther Limosine, would all be great to see in this line up.

  13. Aside from Super Persuit Mode KITT, there's several pieces listed that really catch my eye:

    • James Bond – Aston Martin DB5
    • Ghostbusters II – ECTO-1A
    • Back To The Future – '48 Ford
    • Batman Returns – Batmobile

    Especially the Ecto 1A from Ghostbusters 2. I really wanna see that casting!

    I also wanna see the Batmobile too. I'm going to assume they will use the mainline toy and just…redecorate it rather than use the premium casting with the removable cockpit canopy.

  14. I agree with above comments that vehicles from Emergency! and Adam-12 would be good choices. I would add Hill Street Blues to the list.

  15. They should do the Screamin' Mimi from Riptide (pink helicopter), and the helicopter from Airwolf. Agree with Emergency! suggestion .. I loved that truck. How about some MASH themed jeeps and ambulances? How about Speed Racer … not sure if HotWheels has done it yet (not yet done in retro entertainment line). … tons of possibilities!! love the retro line!! MORE!!!!!!

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