As is the Custom: Our faves for the week ending March 15, 2014…

Yeah, we started with a Part 1 last week, and never got to Part 2.  My apologies.  We just ran out of time.

It is funny, we started “As is the Custom” to give our readers a little something to enjoy over the weekend.  It has now become one of our most popular features, and a bit of a phenomenon.  We have gone from perusing the internet for customs we liked to sifting through literally hundreds of submissions to figure out what to showcase.

So while we will try to do our best to get all we can out each weekend, but we also enjoy our weekends away from the computer.  Last weekend that was some relaxing time in Durango, Colorado.  After posting a shortened Part 1, Part 2 never materialized.

So those Part 2 customs are here in this week’s feature.  A good friend and I were chatting today, and he mentioned how inspiring these customs are.  We completely agree.  It seems the bar is raised every week.  Thanks to everyone for sharing your talent and creativity.  We look forward to seeing what you come up with next.

(Remember, it is best to submit your work by emailing us at, or posting on our Facebook page or on Instagram (use hashtag #lamleycustoms).

Enjoy this week’s selections:

@nic_bali – Instagram

@PapiChuloCustoms – Instagram

@Inspiire_hw – Instagram

@towiilopez – Instagram


@minh427 – Instagram

 @a_r_n_e_l – Instagram

Joel Presto



@ragingduck – Instagram

@pandusaurus – Instagram

@aarontobias – Instagram

@howardboomboompow – Instagram

florent BAUD

@5pudly – Instagram

@2454_customs – Instagram

Gerardo Canchola

Lovell Monster Garage

@mandeepchase – Instagram

Evilsonicz Customs

Mark Wheels

@leebruce281 – Instagram

@yeyoperezhein – Instagram

@chipzcustoms – Instagram

Pryor Selektah

13 Replies to “As is the Custom: Our faves for the week ending March 15, 2014…”

  1. Amazing artwork here. Since you could say every “As is the custom” has always been successful, I guess more ideas will be the fun.

    So, as if I don't get the idea of artwork, I could show myself. So here we go.

    Not a bad idea for a Falken Tires livery on a Civic EF eh? Well, pretty sure to me that I say that's the stunning part. So I spot and like it, so cool.

    Or not to bad to think of a LaFerrari roadster yet? In real life, Ferrari should make a convertable version of the LaFerrari, because, the LaFerrari is one of my favorite supercars yet. Nice work, @a_r_n_e_l – Instagram.

    So what's the next plan? Ah, glad to be asked. Seems that we're back to @5pudly. Best of the best. His Lambo Sesto does look like a ZAMAC, which Hot Wheels could reconsider to make it really a ZAMAC. Art lines!
    Do like his Scion FR-S and Aston 77 too.

    So this WILL end well. I guess, hope, ha.

    Another thing I fall in love with, that's one Beamer beauty now. That black BMW 1M. WOW!!! Happy to know all this.

    Although, 2 more. Those 60th anniversary Corvettes. Very, I repeat, very, very, VERY, looking. So that's really happy to know too.

    Lastly, @chipzcustoms – Instagram's green w/ black stripes '70 Camaro. Yes, you all know- I.A.N.A.F.O.C.C (I Am Not A Fan Of Classic Cars.), but only cool looking style. So much for the big ones. But I do like some like the '70 Camaro, '70 Dodge Charger, '85 Camaro IROC-Z. Those kinds. But you'll know better. That's why I can't explain it a lot right now.

    So that is all it, so see you!

    And impressing artwork too this week!

  2. I'm 5pudly, thank you for the kind words. I was going to try a dye the Sesto instead of painting it and after I finished polishing it, I left it, looks to cool like that. The Scion and Aston are both dye jobs, something new I've been having fun with.

  3. Favorites:
    Inspiire_hw's Datsun 620/Nissan Skyline GT-C combination is incredible. Apart from the detail in the engine, the blending of those two bodies was very well executed. Wow.

    I love a_r_n_e_L's Datsun 620 pickup with matching trailer. I'd like to a closer look at the trailer hitch itself, as I hope to build a truck-bed based trailer myself. I was also impressed with Gerardo Canchola's VW Brasilia and trailer combo–the safety chain was a nice touch.

    It's good to see a Land Rover getting the custom treatment (2454_customs). I'd like a picture of this vehicle in its natural habitat. Are you planning on putting the windows back in? I assume the other pieces of off-road body armor visible in the background are destined to be added as well. Again, I'd like to see more of this build.

    I have to mention yeyoperezhein's '64 Corvette open-roof conversion. I really like the way that car turned out.

  4. Some amazing customs as always. I can't believe how good the Carbonator looks with some nice bright solid colours.

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