Lamley News: The most valuable Hot Wheels RLC car…ever?

If you weren’t tracking it and didn’t see what happened, the #13 of 46 Hot Wheels RLC BRE Datsun 510 autographed by John Morton sold for a whopping $760 on ebay late last night.

It is crazy what a little frenzy can create.  Before the 46 autographed models were discovered, buzz on the RLC BRE began to grow as collectors received their models and saw both the stunning model and card artwork.  But it was the 46 autographed models, signed by John Morton at a Mattel event and randomly sent out with the other 3000, that has sent this model’s value into the stratosphere.  Combine the scarcity of the model with the autograph and the fact that this is an actual Mattel-issued “easter egg”, and you have a very valuable model.

Whether or not another First 46 will garner that same amount is hard to know, but any Mattel-issued model with a count less than 50 is bound to be valuable.  In fact, two 1-of-25 Matchbox Hazard Squad models made exclusively for a collector Line Preview sold for $500 each at the Matchbox Gathering Charity Auction, so there is a precedent.

Nonetheless, from what we know the signed First 46 BRE is now the most valuable RLC model on the secondary market, even surpassing what the red Blown Delivery fetched when it hit its peak (and by double at that).  Who would have thought the most valuable RLC model would not be a Blown Delivery, or a Drag Bus, or a Dairy Delivery, but a Datsun!

JDM forever baby.

(They may not be the signed first 46, but there a handful of RLC BRE listed on ebay for the taking…)

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  1. $760 for (number 00013) BRE Datsun is crazy high and the previous (number 00012) sold for $600 Buy it Now. Before that is was a $475 bid that took it. They keep creeping up. I was fortunate enough to get one (00003) and an unsigned version. I have been tracking the prices on these for fun in a spreadsheet and while I am getting pressure to sell it from family it won't be going anywhere. I did not even notice and my son pointed it out a day later. No plans to sell it as It is a really neat piece and it was fun having my son tell me someone drew on one. Looking forward to the Toyota 2000GT.

  2. I would say “most expensive” instead of “most valuable”. I searched ebay for completed auctions and a signed 510 (#1827/3000) did not find a buyer at 249.95 just 3 days ago. I find it hard to understand that a difference in serial number is worth $500, more than twice the price of the first car. You can't even touch the actual car without destroying part of the reason it was so expensive. I realize that in the case of Matchbox cars, intact boxes increase the price of a car, but at least you can play with a Matchbox car without damaging its box.

    I don't think that these prices are necessarily a good sign for the hobby.

  3. I think that for the first 46 signed is indeed the most valuable, but #13 is currently the most expensive and certainly tomorrow there will be more expensive than the current #13.

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