Model of the Day: Kyosho BMW 2002 Turbo…

The Lamley offices are getting a major upgrade next week…

Finally, after several weeks, our custom-made 1:64 diecast displays are arriving.  We commissioned Carney Plastics to custom build some special displays for us, and they arrive next week.  The word from Carney is that these are beautiful, and we can’t wait to show you what they did.  That will come soon.

But we are mentioning this because soon we will have to make the decision on what models to display and what models to leave in storage.  It might be an OCD-inducing project on our part, but at least we know of a few models that will undoubtedly be displayed.  The first model going into the display is my favorite 1:64 model, the Kyosho Beads Tokyo Auto Show Kenmeri Skyline GT-R (one of which is on ebay at the moment), and the next two are the two gems we are featuring today, the white and silver Kyosho BMW 2002 Turbos.

Any car nerd has given a ton of thought to what would be his or her dream garage.  I tend to think in terms of three, so what cars would make up my dream 3-car garage?  Hard to say, but I know there would be a classic Skyline of some sort (I’m not picky), and there would be a BMW 2002 Turbo.  (The third is totally up for grabs, but key terms doing battle are “wagon”, “pickup”, and “vintage 911”.  I will get back to you.)

So yes, I hold the 2002 Turbo in very high regard.  Putting on my best Jeremy Clarkson voice, I would say that “in terms of looks, heritage, and performance, it’s the greatest BMW………….ever made.”

So I was rather pleased when a good friend and collecting mentor from Japan was able to help me acquire these two very-hard-to-find gems from Kyosho.  They pop up on ebay occasionally, but usually end up selling at very high prices.  I ended up paying a hefty sum, but for me it was totally worth it.

Kyosho has captured the 2002 Turbo perfectly, with its forward slant and wide fenders, as well as the “look what’s coming” reversed lettering on the chin and BMW side racing stripes.

So we thought you would enjoy going into the weekend ogling over what we consider one of the best duo’s of 1:64 diecast ever done.

Kyosho BMW 2002 Turbo:

Some of the other Kyosho BMW’s in the Lamley collection, some of which are on sale now at Daboxtoys:

3 Replies to “Model of the Day: Kyosho BMW 2002 Turbo…”

  1. Wow, these all look amazing! The difference between Kyosho, or TLV, and Hot Wheels or Matchbox is insane. If only they were cheaper but I'd say their worth the premium price for the amazing accuracy. If only they were $1.00 too! Still waiting to find just the right Kyosho to add to my small lineup of TLV's. 🙂

  2. To say my word, Bimmers are epic minds. Like a 2002. Mini brainers like this Bimmer guy could fit as much as the M3. But my real word is that the 2002 is the stunning part. That's all I could say.

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