Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels Nissan 350Z in yellow for 2014…

Here is another model for 2014 that might interest a few of you.

The Nissan 350Z is clearly favored by someone at Mattel, because it is back for another run in 2014.  While models like the 370Z sit or are relegated to multipacks, the 350Z keeps chugging along.  It is coming to pegs near you, this time in yellow with front, rear, side, and top tampos.  Not bad.

The problem is, at least on our end, that we could care less about this one.  Not to take anything away from those that like this model, but it does seem a bit outdated.  We would rather see the 370Z released, albeit with a better deco than this one.

Look, it’s new, and it’s Japanese, so we are letting you know it is out.  There will clearly be interest in finding it.  We just won’t join you.  We will go back to ogling over the upcoming Hako…

10 Replies to “Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels Nissan 350Z in yellow for 2014…”

  1. The little tuner is back. WOW, full tempos, crazy-cool looking side deco on it, red tinted windows too. Love it. Stunning!

  2. Ironically that's very sad as stance takes away performance from a car to achieve a ” hey i shit my pants look” I mean the car looks like its buckling under its own weight.

  3. Stance is only 'cool' in very small circles (thankfully). It's a ridiculous trend that ruins a car's handling and driveabilty and makes it look like the suspension is broken. Real car guys know better.

  4. This is a sad & scary model to me… Unfortunately I am staring at one right now in the top of a 10-pack I bought at Kroger for $5 for the 3 Chevrolet's inside, including the gold exclusive 69' Copo Corvette… and despite such a reasonable price I really, really, really did not want to take home a 350Z which such a disproportionate roof to door ratio. Still not sure what I am supposed to do with it? At least it is less assaulting on the eys in white w/blue than the yellow seen above.

    Who's familiar with the Matchbox 350Z from just a few years ago? It is perfection. This… not so much.

  5. I used to have a white one, but I gave mine away to this kid. I'm sorry, but the 370Z shits all over this one. I just couldn't stand those proportions. That's how they also ruined the S15 Silvia.

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