Just Announced: Hot Wheels RLC exclusive Carroll Shelby SCCA Toyota 2000GT…

In the Lamley minicar world, this is a biggie…

On the heels of last year’s release of the RLC Exclusive BRE Racing Datsun 510, comes news that another Japanese racing classic will be an RLC Exclusive in 2014.

RLC members were treated this morning to the first E-Sheet images of the Carroll Shelby SCCA Toyota 2000GT, which will be released to RLC members later this year.  We will adhere to Mattel’s request that we not show RLC sneaks, but this one is not a hard car to picture in your head.  Just imagine this car in this exact livery on Hot Wheels NEO wheels (that same that are on the RLC 510):

This marks a full-circle return for the Hot Wheels Toyota 2000GT.  In 2012, Mattel had a great idea for an adult collectible series that focused on many different racing vehicles.  Each mix focused on a specific racing series.  Unfortunately due to price point, bland early mixes and over-ordering, the Racing series met its demise before the last two mixes could be made.  One was a mix focused on rally racing, the other on the SCCA racing series.  One of those vehicles was to be Shelby’s Toyota 2000GT and was supposed to be the first release of the new casting.  But due to the aforementioned circumstances, it never made it passed prototype stage, and the casting didn’t debut until the following model year in the mainline (and as a Super TH).

But it is back in the livery in which it was intended to debut.  And it should be popular.  Like the BRE 510, it appeals to JDM fans (obviously), but American racing fans as well.  Carroll Shelby is an American icon, even when he was racing a Japanese sports car.

While we are thrilled about the release of this model, be warned that it will be in very limited numbers.  We assume the numbers will be in the 3000 range, so expect a sellout.  And if you are not an RLC Member, and live in the US, now is the time to join.  RLC memberships are limited, and they are selling out quickly.

You can get the membership details here:

Hot Wheels 2014 RLC Memberships

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  1. I had been a member since the beginning of the RLC for about 6 years or so. Then I stopped. The excitement just wasn't there. And it was getting toooooo expensive. But I kept one foot in and was waiting for something like this to draw me back in. I saw that the RLC memberships were sold out too, but I refreshed once or twice and was able to get through. So now I'm an RLC member once again, just for that 2000GT!!!!!! =)

  2. Ugh. Why, why do they have to use those terrible NEO classics redline wheels on it. They are bar none the ugliest wheels I've ever seen and they completely kill the look of any car they put them on. the BRE Datsun included (it was a deal breaker for me).

  3. It's a way for HWC/RLC to give cars it's own touch, make them unique from any other release of any given replica. That's why they do it. It makes them distinctly Hot Wheels. They are designed after the original wheels HW used.


  4. HW will be hard pressed to match the perfection of the Tomica version of this car. Not just the correct wheels, but also the correct colour of knock-offs on each side.

  5. This is an amazing release. I will look up the Tomica version but Hotwheels has it's own cachet and this one will be sick. This release announcement alone will help sell out the memberships.

  6. I agree about the Tomica version. It is very nicely detailed.

    While I like the Hot Wheel spectraflame finish, I don't think it works on a model that aims to be an reproduction of an historic vehicle, and I suspect that the RLC Toyota will have spectraflame paint. The same goes for the wheels. I did not get the RLC versions of the Gulf Porsche 917 and Ford GT40 because of that. For historic reproductions, I prefer the models that Hot Wheels put out in their adult collectibles line. The Gulf Porsche 917 from the 4-car Porsche set released about 15 years ago is fantastic.

  7. It still doesn't change the fact that those redlines are hideous though. If they really wanna pay tribute to this car, it should be done with the proper wheels on it.

  8. Me too. To say that I agree with every one, I'll be getting one like some of us here. That is really great nes to hear John!

  9. Hideous to you, not to others. While I agree they don't work on every car, I personally like the uniqueness of them and the nostalgic look.

    Though honestly, I think they'll look pretty good on this one. I thought they worked well on the BRE 510 as well. At the same time, I don't think they'd look good on a classic racing Ferrari or Porsche (at least not the 917), if Mattel ever decided to go that route. Like the Gulf cars they did last year (Porsche 917K and Ford GT-40), these NEOs wouldn't have looked right on either one.


  10. That Porsche set also used the 100% casting tools, which were more accurate and detailed. Sadly those vehicles won't see the light of day again, the toolings (reportedly) destroyed.

    I thought the wheels they used on the HWC Porsche last year, though, looked right (or at least as right as possible with existing wheel tools). The GT-40, on the other hand…


  11. Very nice wheels those NEO's. They have a very nostalgic appearance about them; somewhat retro if you will. I like them and even had a negative thing about the FTE2 wheels also (pizza pie style), but i've grown to like those as well. You just have have to be open minded sometimes and even though something might be hated by some, it might be adored by others. Yeah.. they'd look good on a classic Porsche like a 911. They almost look or remind me of a Fuchs wheel.

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