Variation Alert: 2014 Hot Wheels Mazda RX-7 with two different wheel variations…

This one caught our attention on HWC.

Variation guru Cam40 out of Texas had quite the day at his local Toys R Us.  He pulled not one, but TWO, different wheel variations on the Hot Wheels Mazda RX-7.  We will let him explain:

at one tru I found all this:

ah, first the stuff I didn’t get.

red `70 celica nekkid (no side tampo) in 9`r
green `69 coronet super bee with oh5 (gold rim/black spoke)so it looked mostly correct, in a 9`r.

now the did gets:
get ready for this! ya another dang wheel vari.
on the rx-7!
black spoke mc5? and its forward setback.

and this really blew me away, as if the blk/spk
mc5 didn’t already.
a carded oh5 vari.!

It is quite the day when you can find two different wheel variations on any model, but when said model is the Mazda, our jealousy level goes through the roof.  
Needless to say, it might be time to check your TRU…

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  1. I hate that first wheel variation, but to tell something, I've found a variation from the 2014 B case Hot Whels red BMW M3 E30 with rear MC5's. Not lipped. But that first, UGLY. Those MC5's look goodd, but except why I don't like finding variations with a reversed interior.

    OH5's do look some kind good, but I was looking to find another intresting wheel variation on this, such as a 10sp variation.

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