First Look: Matchbox MBX Exotics 5-pack…

I don’t know of any collector who was terribly happy with what they saw in the 2014 1-120 list that was unveiled on Monday.  The percentage of road cars and licensed vehicles is lower than ever, and it, at least from a collector perspective is disappointing.  
Things can always change, but that is obviously up to Mattel as they figure out how the Matchbox line will perform better at the stores.  But what we know, is that when Matchbox does do a licensed vehicle, or a road car, they more-times-than-not nail it.
And occasionally they like to remind us of that:

That is the brand new Exotics 5-pack.  We may take slight issue with a couple of the model choices, but there is no denying each model looks great.  Front and rear tampos on most, great color selections, and realistic designs.  We may not be taking much off the pegs from Matchbox these days, but when we do, it is usually a fantastic-looking model.

So let’s celebrate this rare moment in 2014 and do some close-ups on all five models, capping it off with a look at the best of the pack, the fantastic gold Lamborghini Miura.  The Miura was one of designer Ryu Asada’s favorite designs, and can be considered his signature model before leaving for Hot Wheels.  We agree, and seeing it in gold was a must.


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  1. As if almost everyone says that this is the worst Matchbox exotics pack ever made yet, I would say it's cool. Including that gold Miura (GOLD!!!).

    Not just the gold Miura, but man the ZR1 is awesome too. It is one of my favorite castings too.

    The W12 may be not a fan, but I like this one too.

    Z8, an old old model, but being re-used again? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    The Lotus Exige, I loved this casting too. The 2011 version was the best version yet.

  2. Every single car in this pack is a model I want! Then it doesn't matter if I already had it (Miura, Exige and ZR1) or not (W12 and Z8). Kudos to the team for using the W12, a fantastic casting thats very underused in recent years. Overall, I'm all game for this!

  3. Agreed, this 5-pack embodies what a perfect Matchbox should be. I picked up 1 at Walmart the other day and hope to come by another with good paint jobs sometime soon!

  4. I will be getting this 5-pack just for that Miura. And maybe the ZR-1 as well. The two best cars in the pack in my opinion. The ZR1 from Matchbox is better than the ZR1 from Hot Wheels, just because of the carbon fiber roof. Talk about attention to detail. The Exige is cool too. The gorgeous Miura though, is the clear winner in my book.

    As for the other cars, never was a fan of the Z8, not even the real car, and somebody please shoot that W12. They got rather nice color schemes though.

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