First Look: Hot Wheels ’67 Camaro and the rest of 2014 Cool Classics Batch G…

It is the Hot Wheels version of “Where’s Waldo?”.  Each year the ’67 Camaro will show up somewhere.

Could be the mainline, as it did last year (with the Super TH treatment).  Could be a convention exclusive (it almost always is).  Could be in a 5-pack.  Certainly in a premium line.

So this year?  In the Cool Classics.  It seems that wherever the 67 Camaro appears, attention is drawn.  The casting is the equivalent of the RLC Neo wheels.  There are far better wheels out there, but nostalgic collectors love them because of their link to the past.  There are far better classic Camaro castings out there (68 Copo, 70 Road Race come to mind), but the 67 has been a favorite of many for a VERY long time.

We will admit, though, that despite the lack of detail in the casting, the 67 can look really good.  The Super Treasure Hunt last year was easily one of the best-looking Supers of the year, and this year’s Cool Classics version is in the same boat.  Satin blue, with racing deco.  A winner.

Are we going to add it to the collection?  No.  We have one spot reserved for a ’67, and that is taken up by the 2013 Super, and we don’t anticipate it will be displaced anytime soon.  But we know a lot of you will seek it out, so we definitely wanted to show it off.

As for the rest of Batch G?  From our perspective…meh.  The Hudson Hornet it surely an interesting casting, but bland here.  Other than that, we have no real opinion about the ’29 Ford Pickup, Olds 442, and the terribly overrated Purple Passion.

In general, the Cool Classics are hanging on the pegs, and not really moving.  There are some exceptions, the latest being the ’87 Toyota Truck, which is moving very fast.  But the rest are hanging, and outside of the 67 Camaro, we anticipate this batch to do the same…

(Find the 67 Camaro and rest of Batch G at Wheel Collectors…)

Hot Wheels Cool Classics Batch G:

’67 Camaro

Hudson Hornet

Olds 442

Purple Passion

’29 Ford Pickup

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  1. The only ones I like are the 67' Camaro, Hudson Hornet (which is feature in the Cars movies 1 and 2), and that Olds 442. That's all. I'm not really a fan of calssics, but always remember, some classic models get my attention.

    I'm not into the last 2, which are the Purple Passion and the 29' Ford pickup, because only classics from the 1960's to 1980's are my intrested classic times.

  2. If you look long enough at the Summit release, you may find a '67 with door lines (and door handles).

  3. The only CC I've bought was the Turbo Mustang. Looking for the Hot Bird and when I see that I will buy it. '29 Ford is neat, Hudson is super cool. I find the CC's are little too pricey for what they are. I'd pay more than mainline, but not that much more. $4 Canadian, at Wal Mart.

  4. I think that the Passion and the Olds have the best paint of the cars in this release. The Hudson's color combination is terrible.

  5. It's a nostalgic reason as to why they don't tool it with door lines. The Summit ones from last year that made it out with the door lines (and/or the door handles) were technically not supposed to exist. It was realized during production that the retooled body tooling was done incorrectly.

    The thing to keep in mind about the '67 Camaro is that it was essentially a re-tool of the original Custom Camaro casting from the first HW year (1968). Those original red line cars didn't have door lines either, and they kept it as faithful to the original while making sure they couldn't be confused for one another. For this reason, and the overall simplicity of the casting, are big reasons why the casting is a collector favorite.


  6. The Hot Bird was not done for the series. The '77 Firebird casting was. They are definitely different castings.


  7. If Cool Classics are warming the pegs like the Hot Ones last year and the Boulevards, maybe Hot Wheels needs to rethink their pricing. Ive collected all three sets when I could find them, but at 4 times the price of the main line cars, it can get VERY pricey

  8. One thing to remember about the Purple Passion casting is that it was essentially the first HW vehicle designed with collectors in mind over playability. The '49-51 Mercury has been a very popular car to custom, and that's why Larry Wood designed this one. It's low (for the time, in 1990-1991) stance was a new thing for HWs which were almost always designed with the track in mind. I think there was a story on HWC about the background of this casting, I'll see if I can find it. It's definitely a nostalgic casting for collectors.

    Surprisingly, though, the body used is the one with the plate indent on the trunk lid. The body was retooled during the Mystery Car series run without the plate indent and some other modifications (both in the body and the base).

    Personally, I love the Hudson Hornet here. And of course I love the '67 Camaro.

    The '29 Ford pick up, I'm mixed on. I like the paint but the red fenders bother me.

    The '68 Olds 442, I love this casting but HATE this color combination on here. This is the THIRD time the casting has been released in a brown-esque color (first mainline release in 2009, then the 2011 TH, now this dark orange Cool Classics release). Still the best releases of this casting are the first ones in Modern Classics in 2008, and I HATE OH5 wheels.


  9. The roof on the Passion is bent, on the left side. Sweet color though.

    I'm sorry, but that Hudson has a pretty ugly color combo. With some ugly pinstripes. Purple windows? Come on bro.

    That '67 camaro is pretty danggone nice. I will admit that.

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