The Cars of Kmart, Part 4: The Supersharp BMW E30 M3 in Alpine White…

Frank Ocean famously put an E30 on the cover of the mixtape that shot his career into the stratosphere:

He also has an E30 that is most likely meticulously finished and in his garage at this point.

Why do we mention this?  Well, in case you haven’t heard his music, Frank Ocean reeks cool.  Dive into his background and you quickly see you are not dealing with your standard R&B artist.  He is creative, smart, incredibly talented, and he is obsessed with the E30.  Wouldn’t you know…

Let’s talk looks on the E30.  Factor dimensions, stance, proportions, silhouette, and especially those box-flare wheel arches, and you have the quintessential BMW.  It looks like a classic, but it doesn’t look old.  Put it next to the 2002 and the 6 Series, and you get depressed wondering how the company that made those later made the 7 Series of the 2000’s.  (But then made the 1M, so not all is lost.)

And with its good looks, and legacy, it is great to see this model in mini form as a Hot Wheels car.  And it hasn’t looked better than what its got going on in its Alpine White Kmart duds.  As we said before, with the Datsun 620 and BMW E30, Mattel hit a home run with the exclusives at this event.

So while this hasn’t created the frenzy the Datsun has, it is still one that is a must-have, and you might regret not picking one up

Hot Wheels ’92 BMW E30 M3 (2014 Kmart Exclusive):

The Family:

4 Replies to “The Cars of Kmart, Part 4: The Supersharp BMW E30 M3 in Alpine White…”

  1. I hope the next release is in Henna red. I may be biased, but it looks fantastic on any e30. maybe an e36 casting some day? Hotwheels is killing it with the classic Bimmers. Love love it!

  2. Love it in white! This is one of only three castings I collect completely (Along with the Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa and Toyota 2000 GT). Hopefully the next version is black and hopefully they can keep the tampos restrained.

  3. Keep your eyes peeled, There seems to be a batch that was released with the right hand drive interior of the AE86 as well as a bunch with backwards interiors, Love this almost as much as the orange and white 2002's

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