As is the Custom: (Part 1) Our faves for the week ending February 22, 2014…

After dedicating our last custom post to the late, great Chojiro D. Crazy, and then skipping a week, we are back to showcase your customs.  But there are so many that we are breaking it up into two parts.  Here is Part 1, and Part 2 will be here shortly.

Thanks again to everyone who has submitted their work.  We truly love showcasing the amazing talent out there…

Trashmark Custom Cars

@minh427 – Instagram

Dennis Leung

Hanzel Conchas



@78toy4dr – Instagram

Miguel Saldana

Matthew Negrete


@bobbysanders22 – Instagram

Azraf Khairuddin

@imhungry_bro – Instagram


@hotwheelnut – Instagram

@karradv – Instagram

@diecastguru – Instagram

@mrSenCTVT – Instagram

@jdmspechotwheels – Instagram


@403sharpie – Instagram

@tomt23 – Instagram

Jacob Hauptfleisch

@rodrigo32 – Instagram

Tom B

4 Replies to “As is the Custom: (Part 1) Our faves for the week ending February 22, 2014…”

  1. I have to say, really awesome cusoms this week!

    Anyway, you're back to the cusoms again, eh? Heh, then let's see if I believe I see something intresting here.

    Ooohhh! That should be one of my favorite customs ever, or my FIRST favorite of all customs coming, even if it's not the prefect pick for me, guess.

    It's the @bobbysander – Instagram's Sesto Elemento. Not really the exact same design as Hot Wheels does, but do look for yourself. But this guy added tailights painted, the fuel door trim paint, and more detailing. I should ought that this IS the best custom right now.

    Next up's? Let's see what we also got, hmm… AHA! That's one crazy awesome looking black Civic there. Uh, ooh, nice blue Corvette there. One of my favorite Hot Wheels models all along. Also the silver Aston DB5.

  2. Miguel Saldana's Chevy II wagon, minh427's white Caterham, diecastguru's blue Mini, and Peterbilt379's racecars were my favourites out of many worthy efforts. The Caterham was just a wheel swap I think but it made the car perfect.

  3. rodrigo32″s Toyota 2000GT nailed it with the gold 5SP's. Just as something simple as a wheel change and
    a couple painted details, totally created a whole different look for the red casting. Maybe HW's can do something better than just blah. The gold is a great compliment to the red.

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