Surprise! Hot Wheels 2014 Batch G is now out at Wheel Collectors…

We figured this was the week, and it was.  Hot Wheels 2014 Batch G has arrived.  The truck unloaded the cases today at Wheel Collectors, and there are some models to surely get excited about.

As far as the new models go, the Fiat 500 grabs most of our attention, followed by an interesting generic, the Ryura LX.  Both were designed by Ryu Asada (in case one model wasn’t too obvious), and we will dive into both once they arrive here.  And they are on their way.

Outside of those, it seems super cars is the theme for this batch, with two Lamborghinis, and Alfa, a Porsche (one of our faves), a Lotus, and a Pagani.   A nice batch indeed.

You can see all the models by following the link below:

Hot Wheels 2014 Batch G

Which models will you pick up?

(And this may not be all.  The word is new batches of Retro Entertainment, Pop Culture, and Cool Classics are on their way…)

5 Replies to “Surprise! Hot Wheels 2014 Batch G is now out at Wheel Collectors…”

  1. This creative batch is really stunning! Can't wait to have that 500 in my collection, the Sesto recolor, the yellow J, that awesome redesigned Mustang custom, and more that I'm intrested in.
    But really, WOW, that is one intresting project there. The new Ryura LX. I don't even know about you guys but I don't know where it got its name from! But that's a really cool intresting project.

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