The Cars of Kmart, Part 3: The ever-popular Datsun 620 in blue…

The reports from California were all the same:

Good luck finding the blue 620.  Frenzied collectors gobbled them up quickly at Saturday’s event, and there is not a one left at any Kmarts.

Reports from elsewhere were a little more tame, but there is no doubt the blue Japanese pickup with the JNC inkan on the rear has been a very popular model.

And it should be.  We have already spoken to the fantastic casting it is.  Not too high, not too low, relatively stock with a snazzy chin spoiler, with that pleasing embossed tailgate.  One of Jun Imai’s best.  On top of that, the blue trumps the previous version in orange.  The silver over black tampos are more defined, and the white lettering on the tailgate stands out a bit more than the black on the orange.

So do the math.  Popular casting + good looking design + limited release, multiplied by the fact that JNC warned its readers to hit the event if they wanted any chance to get it = a very popular model.

So if you passed on a couple at your local event, you may want to go back and get them.  You don’t want to miss out on this one, and it’s not coming back.

Of course, there is always ebay.  The best time to get one is now, while the listings are saturated with the 620.  Once the supply dries up, the price will surely rise…

Hot Wheels Datsun 620 (2014 Kmart Exclusive):

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  1. A beautiful model. I agree that the white on blue tailgate looks great. I will not be selling mine from the event. 😀

    Glad I grabbed the few up when I did… they all vanished from the table moments later, seems most of the Midwest in these parts is that way as well! Even the collectors who don't buy Asian cars seem to have taken a liking to its attractive pickup truck body lines!

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