The Cars of Kmart, Part 1: Ford Falcon and Sandblaster exclusive colors…

For those of you who missed Kdays (and considering a huge chunk of our readers live in countries without Kmart, that means a lot of you), we thought we would show some of the models we took home from the event.  This is Part 1.  Enjoy.

Here’s the deal.  Kmart Collectors Day is always an interesting experience.  The people-watching potential is easily worth the price of admission.  (Although no kudos to the group at the Kmart I go to.  All of them are really nice, normal folks.  Cordial, each making sure the other has models they want.  Boo to you nice guys.  Will someone please get in a fight or push over a kid or something so I can have something interesting to write about?)

It seems another reason a lot of people are there is to get a Super Treasure Hunt.  They figure the odds have evened out, and they have just as good of a shot as the next guy.  Pallet-raiding is nullified at Kdays.  Too bad most events produce zero to one.  I personally have not pulled a Super or equivalent at a Kdays since I pulled yellow Morris Mini TH back in 2005.  (Granted, I  missed most of the Kdays from 2006 to 2011.)

There is the excitement of opening a case and seeing what is there.  Usually what is there is what you expect, but it is still fun.

I guess we can mention the mail-in, but how about we talk about that when we get one to show off.

So lastly, there are the exclusives.  I have to admit the exclusives are rarely the reason I go.  Mainly because the exclusives are rarely that interesting to me.  Recolor a car that I would not pick up anyway, and obviously I’m not that interested.  But there is probably someone there that is excited that there is a Sandblaster in brown and Ford Falcon in purple.  (Of course in the case of the Falcon, those most interested are an ocean away.  That stinks.)

But this event?  Things were slightly different.  Yeah, Falcons and Sandblasters.  Whatev.  But a Datsun, in its best color so far?  And an E30, in Alpine white for that matter?  People watching, mail-ins, a chance at a Super, all be damned.  We’re going for the exclusives.

So instead of doing a throwaway Lamley post showing all the Kmart colors at once, we will only do that with two, and dedicate separate posts to the Datsun and E30, which surely deserve them (at least here on Lamley).

So, in pure throwaway fashion, your Falcon and your Sandblaster.  Enjoy:

Hot Wheels Sandblaster (2014 Kmart Exclusive):

Hot Wheels Ford Falcon Xb (2014 Kmart Exclusive):

11 Replies to “The Cars of Kmart, Part 1: Ford Falcon and Sandblaster exclusive colors…”

  1. What a K mart exclusive falcon thats not even available down under in aussie or Kiwiland talk about an insult to its homelands

  2. Nooooooooooo! I can see that white Bimmer there! And it's going to be a K-mart exclusive! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! That's such an awesome color for the Bimmer. I'm so freaking out!

    Hey, the Sandblaster K-mart exclusive. It doesn't look so bad in this K-mart exclusive color after all. But I don't like pink, purple, or magenta colors. Well that is to be, the Falcon XB with a magenta color. And that's worse. I would imagine the worst thing in my mind that Hot Wheels asks K-mart to make the Bimmer in pink. WOW, that sucks up. But at least lucky I heard that that white Bimmer is white. Now do you get it?

    But continuing focusing onto the Sandblaster, the color has some swamp rally colors. Hmm, exactly. Has anyone remember in 2012, the older version of the Mitshubishi Lancer in teal blue with a swamp rally deco? I do remember. I collected it. So the Sandblaster must seems to almost be related with the Lancer.

  3. I picked up a few of the white M3 myself, going to be wheel swapping on one at some point here (BWs, anyone? :D)


  4. I agree John. I stopped by another KMart in the LA area to see what would be leftover, and was able to find plenty of Sandblasters and Falcons. I already got one of each on Saturday, but to my dismay, there was only one M3 left and NO Datsuns. That was also the case after Saturday's events, all the Datsuns were taken and the majority of the M3s. If you live in an area remote from the coast, I'm sure you'll find more M3s and 620s, but LA is out of them unfortunately.

  5. Indeed these were some nice Kmart exclusives, this was the first ever of numerous Kmart days where there ZERO Kmart exclusives left in less than an hour; all of them gone! I was lucky to get 2 ea. of the BMW & Falcon, 1 of the Sandblaster, and 5 of the Datsun 620 only because I was a ninja! & I somehow found a Boulevard DeLorean at a Kroger across the street afterward, consider me happy!

    1 attendee who didn't collect Hot Wheels at all but was a BMW E30 owner came and bought EVERY Alpine White E30 that wasn't already spoken for… though the majority of collectors at the event (here in the midwest) weren't interested or only wanted 1 and gladly handed them over to the guy. I can't blame him, it's quite an attractive car!

    In contrast this same Kmart location had numerous Kmart exclusive CTS still on the pegs from last years event well before Christmas!

  6. Did anyone see the Homer, the Bel Air Gasser in regular or Treasure Hunt form at Kdays??? There were zero of all 3 here in the midwest it seems…

  7. I did actually check out another Kmart in my area a couple days after on a whim, and they had a few of each of the exclusives left on a spinning rack away from the rest of the the cars. If you have multiple K Shacks in your area it may be worth a look.

  8. From what I saw, there was about 1 Homer per case in our area. I didn't personally see any Super TH cars, I wasn't paying attention for regulars though.

  9. Different areas received different mix of cars for sure. No Homers, red Porsche 993s, camo Batman Tumblers, or even the regular release of the ISKY '55 Bel Air at our Kday event.

    There are three other Kmarts in the area I haven't hit up yet to check their left overs, though.


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