The Cars of Kmart, Part 2: First-to-Market ’70 Chevelle SS & ’70 Camaro…

Maybe we would have included the First-to-Market Dodge Demon as well, but let’s instead pay tribute to 1970 with these two.  Plus, I forgot to pick up a Demon.  And I am not returning to Kmart for a Demon.

Hmmmm, 1970.  My grandfather died.  My wife was born.  So was my sister.  I was still four years out.  Tribute done.

The Camaro and Chevelle?  Great models.  The yellow Camaro is a bit of a throwaway design, but I love the casting, so into the collection it goes.  I love the Chevelle casting too, and I do like the Summit livery.  The Super is cool too.

So, here are both cars, out at Kmart, and ready to hit all stores very soon…

Hot Wheels ’70 Chevy Chevelle SS (2014 Mainline & Super):

2013 Mainline

2013 TRU Exclusive

2013 Mainline Recolor

2014 Mainline

2014 Super TH

Hot Wheels ’70 Camaro (2014 Mainline):

2011 Mainline

2012 Kroger Exclusive

2012 Mainline

2012 Super TH

2012 Mainline Recolor

2013 Mainline

2013 Mainline PR5 (found in Kroger 20-packs)

2013 TRU Exclusive

2014 Mainline

2014 Mainline Recolor

3 Replies to “The Cars of Kmart, Part 2: First-to-Market ’70 Chevelle SS & ’70 Camaro…”

  1. At least that 70' Chevelle is not a Kmart EXCLUSIVE, and lucky I can soon find that $TH. But that is one awesome modern muscle.

    That Camaro too. I just want to see a variation on that yellow Camaro.

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