Just Unveiled: 2014 Hot Wheels Toyota AE86 Corolla Zamac Exclusive…

Remember when we showed you this?

It is upcoming Scion FR-S Walmart Zamac exclusive, and the “now” to the AE86’s “then” in the Then & Now subseries.

Now we have the first images of the “then”:

Yes, the E86 is getting the zamac treatment to match its FR-S cousin.  These images were found on ebay, along with a few other newbies.  We assume we will see this soon…

2 Replies to “Just Unveiled: 2014 Hot Wheels Toyota AE86 Corolla Zamac Exclusive…”

  1. Where's Nigel's ambassador report?

    Hmm. the AE86 as a Wal-Mart ZAMAC exclusive eh? WOW, that AE86 is so similar to it's first deco in the A case, which was a K-day (or K-mart) first to market. But this is wrong- the AE86 Corolla is supposed to be named basically “Apex Sprinter Trueno”. But that's alright. Hot Wheels names it “AE86 Corolla anyway.

    But by that being said, The stripe deco colors are not right for the two (except for the black, but why does the regular version and the ZAMAC both have the black?. Hot Wheels should have put a darker blue color, but just look and listen to this! The yellow lime green color is so, so ,so ,so ,so ,so ,so, so, so, so, so, so UGLY!!!!!! Hot Wheels has to put yellow, and just REGULAR yellow, on it for an exchange instead.

    WOW, I wasn't expected to see this post today!

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