Lamley News: 2014 Matchbox MBX Exotics 5-pack found in Australia…

Thanks friends for your patience last week.  Due to a hectic travel and meeting schedule last week, we had a rare weekday with no posts.  Not that it would cause riots in the street, but we try to keep the content fresh every day.  This week is also a hectic travel week, but this time I don’t have to battle the temperamental internet signal of the Denver Sheraton.

So let’s start this week with a treat from Matchbox.  After wondering last week if Matchbox was leaving Walmart, we still don’t know for sure what is happening, although we are a little more optimistic.  We will wait and see that play out.
And the hope is it stays, obviously.  Especially since there will be some product we will want.  And that starts with the new MBX Exotics 5-pack.  Matchbox Collectors Forum members The General and Matchbox Luke shared the first photo of the pack, which The General found in Australia:
No crazy designs, bright but realistic colors, it looks to be a winner.  And while I like the bottom four, I love the top model.  It is great to see the Miura in gold, which is one of my favorite colors on the Lambo.  I can’t say the other four will join the Lamley collection, but the Miura certainly will.
In the past, when something is found first in Australia, it means we should see it next in Europe, and finally in the US.  We will see if that holds true.  One way or the other we are happy it is out.

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  1. Yaaaaaaaayyyy!!! Please pray to god that I find this pack! I've been dieing to get my hands on the Corvette, Z8 and W12! Thanks a lot for the heads up!

    – Black Wind

  2. I can see the yellow ZR1 as a Lamley shoot model, right next to the Miura. Sorry John but that 'vette looks awesome. I'd have to see the Lambo up close to do it justice – to see it in that gold skin. The jury is still out for the BMW in red. All around.. a nice collection that doesn't include at least one fiction ride. Lets see how long it takes to get here.

  3. No customs? Skipped to AGAIN!?

    Anyway, the 5-pack looks cool. But why the Miura only into the Lamley collection John? Can't the Lamley collection also invite the Chevy Vette or W12 concept? They look cool too but there's pain inside em if they don't join the collection.

    WAIT A MINUTE! Was the Corvette ZR1 mentioned in 2007-2010 in a 5-pack and used again? Or is just the 1st time to be in a 5 pack? I'm really confused. Can someone tell me?

    And, since the 5-pack is cool, there is also something strange of this.
    I don't know why the Exige and Z8 are in the MBX Exotic 5-pack. Plus, the two aren't Exotic cars. They're performance cars. For an exchange on that, Matchbox should have put a Bentley Continental GT (since it's debut in 2006) and the Aston Martin DBS Volante (it I used in the mainline, but how about also using it in the 5-pack like last year's fire chief 2012 Ford Explorer?).

    That's all, see ya Lamley guys soon!

  4. PERFECT. SIMPLY PERFECT. Some would say the VW W12 Concept is a bit long in the tooth but the colors are attractive, others think they've seen 1 recolor too many of the Exige but you won't see me complaining nor most I expect?

    The yellow ZR1 is a nice distinctly different yellow from the Superfast version and accurate to the actual 'Velocity Yellow' paint used on the 1:1 version. The Miura and Z8 are both perfection and nice to see a tan interior among the all too common black.

    I consider myself a Matchbox collector well ahead of Hot Wheels yet have found myself buying more Hot Wheels the past 2 years from a lack of quality Matchbox which is sad in a way… Fortunately this is a set of Matchbox I can get behind and will purchase 2 of!

  5. This is simply MB to the core! Simple not over done probably could have made better choices but this is going in the fight direction. With that said seen it before two steps forward one step back so I'll. Reserve my excitement until I see more releases. If I'm honest though this is some of the best releases since Tycoon had MB. Keep them coming just like this PLEASE!!!!!


  6. Sorry, this will be a bit off topic. I recently bought a Matchbox Mountain 5 Pack from Walmart, and the Land Cruiser at the top of the pack is plain tan color (it has no additional markings like the common Land Cruiser. I assume this is a variation/error, any ideas on rarity or value? Thank you.

  7. The ZR1 in the 5-pack reminds me of if Matchbox is doing the 2014 C7 Corvette Stingray. I'd really want to see Matchbox do it!

  8. ***ATTN Collectors: Keep an eye on your local Walmart stores Matchbox, I just picked up the new Buick Police car and 2 Aston Martin DBS at the current 'clearance' price of 0.50 cents! This may not go on past this week after the toy isle resets are done…

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