Happy Valentine’s Day from the Lamley Group…

Instead of a little perforated card with Lightning McQueen asking you to Be Mine, our Valentine’s Day present to you will be pics of this little red looker you have probably not seen before.

Enjoy the pics, and then shut off your computer, turn off your phone, give your iPad a rest, and go give someone special some well-deserved attention…

8 Replies to “Happy Valentine’s Day from the Lamley Group…”

  1. If only I had someone to give attention to. The internet jokes about 90% of the guys being single are indeed true. Anyway, beautiful car! just not the shade of red I expected. Still buying it though! And thank you for the first look!

    – Black Wind.

  2. Way better than the black model. I agree with the shade of red not being more vibrant. I thought they would have used a fire engine red or at least a brighter metallic, but oh well. It's still a gorgeous casting. I can't wait to get it, mainly because i've been racing one on GT5 – I created one with a carbon hood, front splitter and rear wing. Sexy Italian!

  3. Did anyone noticed before that Matchbox is doing the 8c? I'm certainly excited!

    Hey, and it's price is about 55,000. A beauty Ferrari coming to America!

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