Matchbox Ambassador News Flash! The elusive 60th Anniversary International Brush Truck is now available…

Mattel and Matchbox Ambassador Nigel Cooper have asked that we share this info with you right away:

Greetings Nigel,
I have great news to report. The long awaited 6oth Anniversary International Brush truck is now available at
Here is the info:
Hey guys –
The Matchbox 60th Exclusive International Workstar Brush Fire Truck Die-Cast is now available on Amazon for pre-order!
Items are expected to ship to Amazon this week. Quantities are limited (less than 10K), so we expect these to move quickly. This is available exclusively on Amazon.
Nigel , please get the word out to your various sites.  This item is affordable and ready for pre-order.
Thanks and best regards,
Dave W

10 Replies to “Matchbox Ambassador News Flash! The elusive 60th Anniversary International Brush Truck is now available…”

  1. Wow, this is fantastic news, and best of all it's affordable! I was just browsing eBay for this last night and wondering how much longer (if ever?) I'd have to hold out to get this for $15 or less with each selling on eBay between $25-$40 a piece.

    At $6.99 this is very reasonably priced and thanks to selling through Amazon I hope this means our fellow Matchbox collectors in the home country of England, and those in Europe, Asia, down-under and beyond will be able to order without difficulty?

    Thanks for this update, I am sure to order 2 for myself and perhaps some for friends waiting to complete their 60th collection!

  2. An ambassador report news for Nigel and Mattel? That's great news there. Well the mystery 60th anniversary International Brush fire truck is stunning, and also a favorite. Mostly favorite.

  3. I just tried ordering a couple but Amazon won't ship them to Australia. Looks like it might be for USA customers only. Apparently the rest of the world doesn't exist.

  4. Man, that is a shame. I thought Amazon would actually ship outside the US. Well inside the U.S. shipping is free for these if they total over $35.00 so if anyone buys 6 or more and resells them at cost + shipping to Aus. Canada. etc. that will certainly keep the price down.

    Maybe a online diecast retailer will step in? Have any connections John?

  5. Apologies to all those who missed the report on Monday. Unfortunately the English weather has been typically unpredictable and though I have not suffered from flooding, my local electricity sub-station has and we have had no electricity for almost three days. I was unable to charge my camera or laptop and went to my daughter's in Edinburgh for a few days. Thankfully, all is now back to normal and I will endeavour to post again this forthcoming Monday. I hope the wait for Report 26, the halfway stage in my tenure, will be worth it. Nigel Cooper 20th February 2014

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