Just Unveiled: Tomica Limited Vintage Nissan IDx Concept, BMW E30 318i & 325i…

Still in Denver, still insanely busy, but this news is just WAY too good to hold back…

Tomica has announced its latest models under the Limited Vintage Line, and there is a major surprise.  As far as we know, TLV is doing their first completely current models, and current they are.  So current, in fact, they are just concepts.  The Nissan IDx created a huge stir last year at the Tokyo Motor Show with the 510-inspired street and BRE-inspired Nismo racing versions, and the hype has grown since.  Both cars have toured Los Angeles, and the IDx’s production has been announced.

Now we in the diecast world can get excited about the May/June 2014 release of the TLV Nissan IDx Freestyle and Nismo Concepts in mini form.

We don’t know why Tomica decided to release these two as TLV’s as opposed to in their standard minicar line, but we won’t argue at all.  No diecast maker can duplicate the looks and quality of TLV in 1:64, and the IDx deserves that kind of attention.  Based on these preproduction models, we are in for a major treat:

But that is not all.  (Queue infomercial excitement!)  We already knew TLV was doing the BMW E30, but now we have the first images of what the models will look like.  There will be two castings, a 325i 4-door, and a 318i 2-door, and will come in two colors each.  Look for all four to be released this summer:

All four BMW’s are tremendous-looking models, and all four, along with the two IDx’s, will surely join the Lamley collection this summer.  Who else is in?

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  1. Where can these be purchased?? I think there are maybe two dozen or so '84- '85 318is still surviving. I've the same red 84 318i since 1989. So, Um….Yeah. I am going to be all over this!

  2. I can SO imagine what the IDX concept would look like if Hot Wheels made it. The Freestyle with chrome/standard 5SP and the Nismo concept with red/grey/chrome Trap-5.

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