First Look: Hot Wheels Lamborghini Sesto Elemento in gunmetal gray…

Yes, we have been a bit quiet today.  Blame Denver.  I am here for meetings, I have a ton of content to post here on the blog, but a very poor internet signal here at the Denver Sheraton has kept me from doing so.

But I have a minute between meetings, so here is a little treat.  The second color of the HW Lamborghini Sesto Elemento is a little more like the photos we have seen of the real thing.  And it looks great.  The gunmetal gray is mean, and the red trim works well.

To be honest, I prefer the white and green.  A bit more unique, and a very modern color combo.  But I know there were a lot of you who didn’t like it.  So this should make you happy.


Hot Wheels Lamborghini Sesto Elemento (2014 New Models):

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  1. This thing is the best stunning machine ever. It's part of the G case. But since when did the G case hit Wheel Collectors anyway?

    Anyways, that's the real version everyone's talking about. But me? Oh yeah this rocks. I just can't stop liking this one but it's too cool for me to say “stunning”.

    Focusing onto the real color of the Lambo Sesto, man the details look great. Except that no rear lights painted. But this is still stunning. though.

    Blue headlights on the recolor, makes it amazed, A LOT. I actually ought to myself that John, you should do a poll on the 2014 Lamley awards this year, about a new thing, and if you agree: “What was the BEST recolor model for 2014?”. Could you agree? If you do agree, I could vote on this thing. That's all.

  2. The white and green is fresh! I do like the reality of the the gunmetal and red though.
    Torn! But i'm going to go for the slight edge with the green and white.

  3. The white is looking too tacky. Not right for a Lambo, definitely not for a Sesto. A real relief then to see the gunmetal grey, the color that should have been done long before. Love the real Sesto and love the Hot Wheels version as well! looks sharp, the body and trim color is spot on and the wheels actually look nice! Job well done! Will be looking out for this one.

    – Black Wind.

  4. Yeaaaahhhh baby! This is what I'm a big fan of. The recolor of the Lambo Sesto. This is probably going to be on the top of my collector's list, and it'll also be on the “favorites” column.

    Anyway, that is one stunning, darned machine there. The white and green doesn't look so bad, though. It does still fit the Sesto. I actually think the white and green look cool, and it is also reminding me of something. Ready for it?

    If anyone's Italian here, than has anyone noticed the two colors on the white and green? The two colors are part of the Italy flag. Now does everyone get it?

    Speaking of the 1st color of the Sesto, the recolor gives a look. A lot of looks. The white and green isn't much a fan, but it does look unique, and has a modern design, just like what you said, right John? But really, some others like me prefer the gunmetal and red. Because it's a model made by Hot Wheels of the real show car. THE REAL ONE. And I actually like that machine a lot. But I can't stop just liking this one. It's awesome!

    Maybe it could be a rival of the new LaFerrari for 2014. And also Hot Wheels made for that too. Lambo Sesto vs. LaFerrari.

    I think that's all I have to say for my thought (comment).

    So see you guys soon or later.

    Oh, by the way, the recolor is part of the G case.

  5. Have you guys seen the Veneno? 2014 will be Veneno vs. LaFerrari year! But my money is on the former. Though I hope HW could make an Egoista 'cause I think it looks like a Hot Wheels car in real life.

  6. It should probably the Sesto instead. Since Hot Wheels has this Sesto recolor just one batch ahead of the F case.

    Yes, some people has seen the Veneno. And me.

  7. I wouldn't really be able to say what I prefer unless I had both of them in the flesh. I do like the authenticity of the grey & red, but I do like the freshness of the white and green. So far, I would give the slight edge to the grey, because I am just not a fan of those wheels in green, it just makes the car too obnoxious and braggadocious. But, if they were switched out for some more subtle kicks, then the white Sesto would maybe even one-up the grey Sesto.

  8. I will agree onto that. Yes, some people have a different answer of the white and green version, which some people think it is ugly, but to others it has a modern, unique design. But it's Hot Wheels' Lamborghini Sesto, right? The Hot Wheels designer that designed this awesome machine did some cool mighty work on this.

    But the wheels, don't just think of that. I actually do like that color. Green could be a cool color to anything.

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