Could there be a surprise at Kdays this Saturday??

I think we are all aware that the 36-count cases being distributed for the upcoming Kmart Collectors Day on Feb 15th will contain Batch F.  That could mean Homers, Fast-Bed Haulers, LaFerraris, and for a lucky few, ’55 Bel Air Gasser Super Treasure Hunts.
But what is there is a surprise?  Mattel announced that one of the first-to-market models included in the Kmart cases will be the latest version of the Chevelle SS in purple.  For those that follow this stuff, you know that the Chevelle will be the Super TH in the next batch.
So could we see Chevelle Super TH’s in these Kmart cases?
You never know, but two Supers among the same cases would be very cool.  We doubt that is the plan, but we might as well look this Saturday…

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  1. It wouldn't surprise me if some do indeed find the Chevelle $TH. In the September, Q mix K-days in 2012, there were reports of finding the 2013 mix A reg TH that threw everyone for a loop at the change of the TH system.


  2. Kday used to be fun and exciting, now there are no supers so what's the point? I know of at least 10 kmart stores that not a single super was found.

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