First Look: Hot Wheels Cool Classics ’87 Toyota Pickup…

We mentioned in our last post that Cool Classics Batch F produced the first model from the series that we are adding to the Lamley collection.  Was it any surprise it was a Japanese vehicle?

Probably not.  The Toyota Truck has become a favorite for many collectors, and it looks great as a Cool Classics model.  Somewhat of a companion to the casting’s debut as a Hot Ones model in 2012. This should be a popular model.  Maybe not as popular as Marty McFly’s black Toyota that will debut in the Retro Entertainment line shortly, but popular indeed.

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Hot Wheels ’87 Toyota Pickup (2014 Cool Classics):

2 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Cool Classics ’87 Toyota Pickup…”

  1. Of course I love this truck. It does look pretty great.

    BUT… I can't wait for Marty's truck. Gotta do some base swaps! 😀


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