First Look: Hot Wheels Cool Classics ’67 & ’77 Pontiac Firebirds, Camaro Concept, and ’32 Ford…

The Cool Classics are not, for the most part, our cup of tea.  But we know many of you really like them, especially those that love the throwback style of the designs.  Batch F, which is just now hitting, has produced the first Cool Classic we will add to the Lamley Collection, and we will showcase that one in a bit.

For now, here are the other four.  We are sure these will strike the fancy of a few of you…

Hot Wheels Cool Classics Batch F:

’67 Pontiac Firebird 400

’32 Ford

’77 Firebird

Chevy Camaro Concept

13 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Cool Classics ’67 & ’77 Pontiac Firebirds, Camaro Concept, and ’32 Ford…”

  1. I'm a huge muscle car fan, but, man, this line just does not appeal to me. When I saw they were making slot mags, I was super excited. Until I saw them. Not enough dish, weird rounded style, and way too low-profile tires. And the decos aren't very nice. The Spectrafrost has potential, but not when it's covered up by half-hearted stripes and graphics. I've only picked up one: The Belvedere Max Wedge, and that's because it's STOCK.

  2. If these are “Cool Classics”, then how is the Camaro concept is A CLASSIC CAR? Doesn't seem that Camaro concept looks vintage styled to me.

    But anyway, man the blue Firebird is awesome. I think I may be a fan of vintages. But SOME, okay?

    But still, concentrating on the Firebird, to me the firebird logo on the hood to me it looks like a phoenix. Actually. the color is blue. But on the BLACK version of the Firebird I can see that is really like a phoenix.

    Now about that Camaro concept. Hmm… why is that a muscle car from 2006? Isn't that thing supposed to be a vintage? Coz it doesn't seem to vintage styled to me…

  3. My GOD I hate that Camaro Concept.

    The one thing that's annoyed me about this series is that the gold cars have gold wheels. But outside of that, the series has been pretty great for me.


  4. It's like the 2006 Dodge Viper that was used in the Classics Series 3 set in 2007. Just seemed out of place.


  5. These are nice if you can find them but after the first batch I have not been able to find any at all anywhere, and that includes 4 Wal-Marts, 2 Targets, and 1 Super K-mart. They look nice but would be nice to see them someplace other than picture's on the internet.

  6. But still I don't understand why some models like the 06 Viper and 06' Camaro Concept are NOT even vintages. Don't you know the word “classics” means vintages?

  7. I actually like the Camaro concept even if it's not a classic from the 60's to the 90's. But gold is the color that makes that thing brighter.

  8. The '77 'Bird is one of the few CC's i've seen that looks awesome and might have to get. You can't beat that body style now matter how ugly you try to make it. I've been a fan of the car ever since I saw Smokey and the Bandit in the theater when I was about 7-8yrs old.

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