From the Lamley Vaults: The Hot Wheels carded wheel variation collection…

We thought we would start a new series on Lamley today, and run it periodically throughout the year. It is time to open up the Lamley Vaults and check out some of the collection.

The Lamley collection is very streamlined, but within it are some fantastic rarities and exclusives that many of you might find interesting, and we thought it would be fun to showcase a few of them.  One thing that is obvious is that we have very few old toys in the collection.  While we thoroughly appreciate old diecast like Matchbox Regular Wheels & Superfast, as well as Hot Wheels Redlines, and enjoy learning about them, we don’t collect them.  So the rarities showcased here will all be fairly recent, from the last 10 years or so.

Some are variations, some are exclusives, some are carded, some are loose.  But all should be pretty cool to see.  At least to a few of you.

So today we start with something that I love to collect.  Variations have always been an element of collecting that I have enjoyed, and wheel variations are by far my favorite type.  We all have different ideas of what constitutes a wheel variation, whether it be by number reported, or if acknowledged by Mattel, etc.

For me, there is only one requirement to make it a wheel variation.  If the model is sporting four wheels that are different than what is on the original model, it is a variation.  And there are a lot of reasons why that can happen.  Maybe Mattel decided on a running change, thinking one wheel type looks better than what was originally planned.  Maybe the factory ran out of a specific wheel.  Maybe the specific line what was making the model temporarily ran out of a wheel, and used what was lying around until they could replenish the supply.  Whatever the reason, if different wheels are on that model, and it is a model I collect, it is a variation I want.

That other key is “model I collect”.  I don’t collect just wheel variations.  I collect only wheel variations on models I actually like.  As I stated before, that keeps the collection streamlined.  Of course, if I find a rare wheel variation, and it is on a model I don’t collect, I will still pick it up.  It may be just what I need to trade for a wheel vari I want down the road.

So here is an update on the carded wheel variations I have.  I have many more loose, and those will be displayed another day.

There are some real gems here.  Maybe a few you have, or want.  Enjoy…

2012 Honda S2000 with 5-point Real Riders.  GT Real Riders is standard.  Very few found, and only reported from Europe (namely Germany).  Acquired via trade.  In my opinion, the best Super TH variation there is.

2010 Cadillac CTS-V with lace wheels.  10sp is standard.  Acquired through an HWC collector.  Extremely rare.

2013 Toyota 2000GT with PR5.  Chrome-lipped MC5 is standard.  Acquired via trade.  This is the only full-PR5 vari reported.

2012 BMW 2002 with chrome-lipped PR5.  Chrome-lipped MC5 is standard.  Acquired via ebay.

2012 KITT with chrome-lipped MC5.  Chrome-lipped PR5 is standard.  Highly sought-after.  Acquired via trade.

2011 BMW M3 with 10sp.  Y5 is standard.  Acquired via trade.  Only one other has been reported.

2006 Toyota AE86 with 3sp.  5sp is standard.  Acquired via trade.

2006 Nissan Titan with PR5.  OH5 is standard.  Found in a license plate holder at Kdays.

2014 Aston Martin DB5 with 5sp.  Lace wheel is standard.  Acquired via trade, and it was only found at Kmart.

2013 Pagani Huayra with 10sp.  J5 is standard.  Acquired via trade.

2010 Aston Martin DBS with PR5.  10sp is standard.  Acquired via trade.

2010 Ferrari 308 with OH5.  5sp is standard.  Acquired via trade.  Was found in few numbers at midwest Walgreens.

2014 BMW E30 M3 with chrome-lipped MC5.  Chrome-lipped PR5 is standard.  Found at Target.

2012 Ferrari 599XX with OH5.  MC5 is standard.  Acquired via trade.

2012 Aston Martin One-77 with chrome-lipped MC5.  Chrome-lipped PR5 is standard.  Acquired via trade.

2013 BMW 2002 with OH5.  MC5 is standard.  Found at Walmart.

2010 Infiniti G37 with PR5.  Y5 is standard.  Acquired via trade.  Variation was only found at Kdays.

2013 ’92 BMW E30 M3 with chrome-lipped MC5.  Chrome-lipped PR5 is standard.  Acquired via trade.

2013 Honda S2000 with white 10sp.  Rear yellow 10sp is standard.  Acquired via ebay.

2013 Toyota Celica with OH5.  MC5 are the standard wheels.  Found in a Walmart dump bin.

10 Replies to “From the Lamley Vaults: The Hot Wheels carded wheel variation collection…”

  1. Very cool wheel variation finds! Now I can see a closer look on the MC5 wheel variation on the 2014 red versioned chorme lipped MC5's. Just like I said before, the same wheel variation as 2013. But I said, WHEEL VARIATION. I didn't say the silver one because it doesn't have a wheel variation for 2013, but the BLUE one.

    Anyway, the Pagani with 10sp, eh, I don't know. I think it looks good but my choice is still the J5's on it. It does look like it almost has the real wheels on the real car, but I still prefer the J5's.

    And if the Pagani Huayra recolor for the 2013 Q case had a variation too, John, you would have found a variation on the silver Pagani.

    But, though Paganis are still my favorite hyper car.

    Let's see, man the PR5 variation Toyota 2000GT is so ugly! And so as that CTS-V. The lace wheels on luxury cars like the Caddy look so ugly. But with Aston DB5, it fits great em.

  2. Wheel variations are among my favorites as well. I have that Infiniti G37 with the PR5s myself. Found it at Kmart, but about 4 months after the K-Days it showed up at. Lucky grab indeed.

    Some of the others I have are:
    2003 FE Fish'd N Chip'd w/ PR5s (normally 10sp)
    2012 Muscle Mania GM '62 Chevy, gold, with chrome spoke MC5s (normally chrome lipped MC5s)
    2010 Muscle Mania '67 Charger, maroon, w/ OH5s (normally MC5s, found 2)
    2011 New Models Mini Challenge, white, w/ red lipped MC5s (normally red lipped PR5s, traded the extra Charger above for it)
    2010 Muscle Mania '69 Pontiac Firebird w/ OH5s (normally MC5s, on Target snow card)
    2005 FE X-Raycers Stockar w/ black PR5s (normally FTE or 5sp)
    #604 Ferrari 308 GTS w/ lace/wire wheels (normally 5sp, this is the first rare wheel vari I ever found back in 1997)
    2003 FE HKS Altezza w/ gold PR5s (normally chrome PR5s)
    1995 Race Team Series Hot Wheels 500 w/ UH wheels (normally BWs or 7sp)
    2007 Hot Wheels Racing series 24/Seven w/ 10sp (normally OH5s)
    2007 New Model '69 Mustangs, black w/ PR5s, white w/ PR5s, red w/ 5sp (all normally w/ OH5s)
    2010 Race World Desert Bad Mudder 2 w/ OR5sp (normally normal 5sp)
    2007 New Model '64 Lincoln Continental, blue w/ white 5sp (normally white OH5s)
    2007 New Model '64 Lincoln Continental, purple w/ OH5s (normally lace/wire wheels)

    Most of these were acquired second-hand, the Infiniti and '67 Charger are the only ones I bought right from the store.

    While I love the wheel varis I have, there's still SO many I'm after, hahaha


  3. I also am selective as to which variations I pick up. I only actively look for variations on first edition or new model cars. I try to find all the new cars for each year and include the repaints and variations (not errors). This is sometimes tricky since some of the “variations” that people find are so limited that they might as well be considered errors. The only set definition as to what I consitutes an variation it is a complete car and there are more than a couple found. Anything else may as well be an errror.

  4. I personally think the lace wheels on the CTS-V look better than the originals. I'm a big CTS-V fan and it makes the sedan appear more European… which was half of the goal/target market for that generation of CTS sedan! Though to each their own…

  5. I also have one of the Aston Martin DB5 with 5sp wheels, I believe it was the only one of the lot at the Kdays event I attended… super glad to have it too!

  6. Nah, the lace wheels don't fit that cool on the CTS-V. Besides, I'm not saying that is REALLY ugly, just a little bit ugly.

    But as far as I'm concerned to the lace wheels, by my definition it's actually a perfect fit onto vintages, such as the 2014 new model B case 1964 Aston DB5. Now do you get the idea?

  7. I like the Pagani w/10SP's particularly since I found two (traded the one in the pic w/John)… kept one for myself, AND, not only did I find those two in the same dump bin, I found a third Pagani variatio as a variation equipped w/10SP's on the rear and J5's on front.
    I love the CTS-V w/lace wheels. I hope HW's produces a future casting with those wheels – as long as they don't use weird color combos with eccentric stripes.

  8. I only have one variation of mine. It's the 2012 Hot Wheels mainline HW Main street 11' Corvette Grand Sport with small rear white-lipped MC5s.

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