First Look: 2014 Hot Wheels Toyota Supra in Falken Tires livery…

Our first “non-FnF” Supra.  Gone are the orange duds and in their place is a snazzy blue and green ensemble.  The crazy large spoiler remains, but that was expected.

This batch is heavy on logo-laden models, and to be honest we quite like it.  The Falken design and color scheme is very easy on the eyes, and it works fantastically here.  Of course we would love front and rear detailing, but it didn’t stop us from grabbing this one…

Hot Wheels Toyota Supra (2014 Mainline):

The family:

3 Replies to “First Look: 2014 Hot Wheels Toyota Supra in Falken Tires livery…”

  1. This is the real tuner everyone's talking about. And I like it. The Falken Tire Supra. While Greenlight Collectibles has done a promo Mustang in the Falken Tire livery, I say this is actually better than the Mustang Greenlight did. But yes Greenlight's Mustang is cool too.

    But really this thing is what's catching my mind to get to this stunning model. If no other model can be made as like this, then the Supra will be my only vote for this year's model of the year. If it's part of the poll.

    This is a stunning car, but I wonder if Hot Wheels makes a racing livery on this one with the Japanese Nostalgic car logo.

  2. I agree, the lower front bumper and high spoiler in the back make for a lot of real-estate which becomes more evidently when they are one solid color. This is the same reason I passed up the regular orange release and simply bought 1 of the F&F Walmart exclusive, the printed tail lights, sharp headlights and proportionate wheels made it perfect.

    While I'm not a huge Falken fan as they mostly market to the drift/tuner crowd I can appreciate that it's a pleasing livery, Mustang, Supra, or otherwise, now if Hot Wheels could just up their quality control when it comes to the finishing… John, I'm sure that super sketchy tampo alignment job on the left hand side of the Supra must annoy you? Surely you'll swap this out for a more accurately finished version once they're more readily available on the pegs?

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