First Look: 2014 Hot Wheels ’72 Ford Gran Torino Sport…

I can’t exactly pinpoint why, but the ’72 Ford Gran Torino Sport is one of my all-time favorite Hot Wheels models.  Amid all the JDM and other automotive treats that take up the bulk of my collection, I have a real soft spot for the Gran Torino.

Maybe the stance, maybe that perfect 70’s grill, maybe its humpback rear, whatever it is I just love this model.  No Camaro, no Mustang, no Mopar can surpass this model on the cool scale.  If you are not collecting it, you should.  Especially while the RLC exclusive is still available.

And clearly someone at Mattel shares that same passion.  Since its debut in 2011, this casting has enjoyed quite the ride.  The model has been an RLC exclusive, a Super Treasure Hunt, a Walmart exclusive, a Kroger exclusive, a Mystery car, and has sported two licensed logos.  And I love them all.

And we have a new version this year.  Last year it was K&N, this year Milodon.  Both look good too.  So here are the pics of the new model, along with the entire family.

(If you are interested, you can find many versions of the ’72 Gran Torino on ebay…)

Hot Wheels ’72 Gran Torino Sport (2014 Mainline):

The Torino Collection:

2011 New Models green

2011 New Models red

2011 New Models blue

Kroger Super Speeders exclusive

2012 Mainline green white-rime MC5

2012 Mainline green white-lipped MC5

2012 Mainline yellow yellow-lipped MC5

2012 Mainline yellow yellow-lipped J5

2012 Mainline orange (Walmart exclusive)

2013 Super TH

2013 Mainline blue

2013 Mainline white

2013 RLC Exclusive

2014 Mainline

4 Replies to “First Look: 2014 Hot Wheels ’72 Ford Gran Torino Sport…”

  1. Its pretty cool but not near my favourite. The one peice grill and interior doesnt help. My gripe is why this one when the 70 Torino has only released once.

  2. Actually the '70 has been used a few times. It had two colorways, gold and green, in the 2008 Modern Classics (the casting's debut). It was also used as one of the convention cars that year. Then it was featured in the Connect Cars series for Idaho. In 2010, it had 3 colorways as a 10 pack exclusive. It was used in 2011 Garage series and 2012 Boulevard, and was in the HW Racing segment in the 2012 mainline. It was supposed to be used in 2013 Flying Customs but the series was canned before it came out.


  3. I think the HW model is a good reproduction of an unimpressive car. The Gran Torino has a bloated look that is shared by Mustangs of the same period. I like the blue paint on this latest model, but the Milodon tampo does nothing for the car. It looks like the car of a teenage wanna-be racer or a poorly conceived advertising campaign.

  4. I have most of these, minus the TH & RLC version… the only one I passed on was the yellow with black stripe and yellow lipped wheels… though I must know, how was I able to easily find the Kroger exclusive but never even knew that the beautiful green with black trim 2012 version ever existed?!?! Having been in Asia that summer I must have totally missed them on the pegs… Now I really understand how overseas collectors feel when it comes to Walmart/U.S. exclusives!

    Nice model showcase and even nicer photos!

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