As is the Custom: Our faves for the week ending February 1, 2014…

You folks here in the US, here is a little customizing joy before you settle in to eat a lot of bad food, watch overhyped commercials, sit through a concert, and catch a little football.  We will be doing the same thing.  (Although my wife’s hummus and guacamole is the complete opposite of bad.)

Enjoy the game, and customs.

Remember, if you feel inclined to share your customs with us (and we hope you are), you can email pics to us at, post them on our Facebook Page, or tag your photos #lamleycustoms on Instagram.  We look forward to seeing your work…


@satwikanarendra – Instagram

EP3-Chris – UK Hot Wheels Forum

Gonzalo Alvear Stanger

Kampreto Garage

Daniel Hew

@i_d_r – Instagram

@Jamesmulahotwheels – Instagram

@namanyayudish – Instagram

@nic_bali – Instagram

@minh427 – Instagram

Leo’s Trash Cars

Hazairin Sjah

@diecastguru – Instagram

@matthewtimoothy – Instagram

@richardrabe – Instagram

@hotwheels_diorama – Instagram

Volta Garage

@gakbrenti – Instagram

Paul Chau


Kw WeNg – HWCM

@Hwc_JdmPanda85 – Instagram

@mrsenctvt – Instagram

Tom B

Hugo Eduardo R

@pandusaurus – Instagram

hanzel conchas

lalotgre – Mexico

@Josejdmcollazo – Instagram

dunkee – GTPlanet
M Razali Ahmad

@hwc_notsoeuro – Instagram

6 Replies to “As is the Custom: Our faves for the week ending February 1, 2014…”

  1. Hey everyone! Happy February!

    So this is another week of great customs eh? Not a lot for me to see around here right now… but I do see customs that really catches my mind.

    Let's see… Peterbilt379's LaFerrari. And WOW, that is reall awesome artwork you did man! Keep up the good customizing!

    What else…? Ah yes, Hanzel Conchas' Nissan Nismo 370Z and Skyline, they look so cool that Hot Wheels should have done something like that on both from the past couple years ago (Just only from now to 2009)!
    And yeah I like those cool damned tuned Civics. They look spectacular in a TEIN livery!

    Hmm. let's see what else… I forgot to mention in the first place that I also like the three Datsun cars of Daniel Hew. Really cool. And besides, maybe I do like Datsun cars after all. Also speaking of that, actually Daniel Hew's customizing looks really fancy in the garage back round.

    That is all for now, but these are a lot of customizing ideas that are very well done. So again, Happy February everyone!

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