First Look: Hot Wheels The Homer…

I am sitting here wondering why I am still watching the most boring Super Bowl in a long time. (Unless of course if you are a Seahawks fan.)  So instead of enduring more of this (sorry Denver fans), why not write about a little about this model many of you are eager to see.
It is called The Homer, named after, of course, Homer Simpson.  But you don’t have to take our word for it.  Let’s let our friend and Simpsons nut Derek, affectionately known on HWC as doomus, tell you a little about The Homer:

The vehicle “The Homer” from the TV show ‘The Simpsons’ was featured in one memorable episode, season 2’s “Oh Brother, Where Are Thou?” In it, Abe “Grandpa” Simpson, believing he’s on his death bed, let’s Homer (his son) know a secret he’s been hiding: Homer has a half brother who was given up for adoption. After a visit to the orphanage and some phone calls, Homer finds out his brother is Herbert Powell, CEO of Powell Motors. Herbert has Homer and the rest of the family come to Detroit, Michigan to visit. It’s realized that the company’s sales are dropping to the Japanese automakers and is in danger of being bought out. After some family time, Herbert brings Homer to the company and offers him a car for free. Realizing they don’t make any big cars or cars with “lots of pep,” Herbert has Homer meet with the engineers to design a car for the average person, for “all the Homer Simpsons out there.” After a slow start and a pep talk from Herbert, Homer forces the engineers to design his car, one that holds his insanely large drink, has old-school styles like tail fins and bubble domes, and an engine that makes you feel the world is coming to an end. Dubbed “The Homer.” Herbert doesn’t see the car until it’s unveiled and is an instant flop. The development costs and fact that retail on it is $82,000 (back in 1991) ruins the company. Powell Motors is bought out by a Japanese company and Herb is out of a job. Lisa (Homer’s daughter) exclaims that Herb’s life “was an unbridled success until he found out he was a Simpson.” Drving home, Bart tells Homer that he thought the car was cool, which was all Homer wanted.

We don’t know if this means more Simpsons cars, but if it does, and we had our druthers, we would go with The Canyonero or Mr. Plow’s plow.  Yes, Mr. Plow, that’s its name.  Its name again is Mr. Plow.
Anyway, you are not looking at this post because of my Simpson’s knowledge.  You just want to look at the car.  So we will get on with the pics.  
(You can find The Homer on ebay, or later this month on the pegs, if you are lucky…)
Hot Wheels The Homer (2014 New Models):

13 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels The Homer…”

  1. Yeah! The Homer may be not a favorite casting of mine, but it is a really wonderful car. From a movie I've seen and also heard the theme song, a classic with the Homer that I'm so surprised that Hot Wheels done this whole thing finally! When they should have took the idea of doing this from a couple years ago.

  2. Ha, I am still so unsure what to think about 'The Homer' as a Hot Wheels… certainly a far cry from the beautiful craftsmanship of the Kyosho Aston Martin showcased just the other day, but one can't compare apples to oranges.

    Should I buy one based solely on the fact that it's bizarre or leave it for what will surely be droves of people; and non-Hot Wheels collectors seeking this out just like the Star Trek Enterprise?!

  3. How I wish I could get the Homer 'cause last year I didn't get the Enterprise. Thank you very much SCALPERS/HOARDERS.

  4. Dude, the Enterprise is still here for 2014. How I know that? Well actually it's not in the mainline (or if it is going to be in the mainline), it was hitting the pegs along with 2014 Hot Wheels RETRO ENTERTAINMENT case A or B. And it is also on eBay.

  5. It reminds me of one of them custom limousines that are one half of a modern car, but the other half is of that from a classic car. I know it's form a cartoon, but it is still the epitome of tastelessness and tackiness.

  6. Yeah I know dude, in fact I already saw some from batch A like the Flintmobile and surprisingly Herbie but I don't want those. Still keep looking on lot of stores but with no luck. And no, ebay is not an option 'cause some had ridiculous unreasonable prices and others don't ship to my country and not to mention the fake online sellers.

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