Model of the Day: Kyosho Centenary Collection Aston Martin Vanquish…

After all this Hot Wheels stuff this week, we need to branch out a bit.

So we shall branch out to a 1:64 version of a British Supercar made by a Japanese diecast maker.  And it’s fantastic.  Well, the new Aston Vanquish is fantastic, and Kyosho made a perfect mini version.

So if you are going to take away the automotive eye-candy in the DBS, you had better replace it with something that keeps the DBS’s silhouette, built over a carbon fiber body, but adds a few design queues from the One-77.  And then add something supercool like the integrated spoiler, just to make it even better.  The Aston flagship is as beautiful as any current car, and getting Kyosho’s 1:64 version was a no-brainer.

So the call went to Daboxtoys, and a few days later this beauty arrived…


Kyosho Aston Martin Vanquish (2013 Centenary Collection):

6 Replies to “Model of the Day: Kyosho Centenary Collection Aston Martin Vanquish…”

  1. Those are really great photos. I also have it in that color, but your pictures made it look like a whole new car, I had to double check to make sure it was the same. Of the DB9 variants, that one is my favorite. Did you get the One-77 or V12 Zagato? Those are excellent as well, and definitely worth picking up.

  2. Beautiful. I think that Aston Martin stepped their game up as far as designing this car, and Kyosho did their job too by making sure it remains art in a smaller scale. Gotta cop this.

  3. If it wasn't for the fact that Hot Wheels are $1, I'd give up collecting them altogether for beautiful models like these! The detail and realism on that Vanquish in 1:64 is truly impressive. If I were to nitpick I'd say the side mirrors are just slightly over-sized, and it would be nice to see slightly smaller arms beneath the side mirrors; though it is 1:64 and the 1:1 version has side mirror supports best described as a carbon fiber twig… not the easiest to replicate without absolute fragility.

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